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Integrate Jira with digital signage to accelerate time to market

Integrate Digital Signage with Jira cloud to see the live status of your Jira issues on your office displays

Jira on Digital Signage

Go live with Jira dashboard

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Keep teams up to date with Jira on Valotalive digital signage displays

Valotalive – Jira App main features

✅ Secure Jira cloud authentication

✅ Choose your project & filter issues based on type and status – easy drop-down menu setup

✅ Create multiple Jira apps in Valotalive to target information to specific teams

✅ Use our default themes or build your own to match you brand guidelines

Jira Issues for digital signage

Create your Jira issues dashboards with these steps

✅  Authenticate your account

✅  Choose your projects

✅  Select the issue type

✅  Choose issues with a certain status

Go live with Jira on digital signage

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