Display a live RSS feed with Valotalive digital signage

Enjoy live stream of news on your digital displays

Go live with RSS feed on digital signage. The app in Valotalive will display live news of your selection.

a screenshot of live RSS feed on Valotalive digital signage

Go live with Valotalive RSS News on your digital signage displays

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Keep your digital signage engaging all the time with live RSS content

Valotalive – RSS News App main features

✅ The app will show images, headline and ingress of the news

✅ Use any feed with RSS or Atom standard

✅ Easy self service activation

✅ Automated Updates

✅ Advanced configurations available

screenshot of the Valotalive RSS feed app
RSS Feed from NASA as seen on digital displays

Activate Valotalive RSS feed app

✔️ No Credit Card Needed   ✔️ Easy Set-up   ✔️ Cancel anytime