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Showcase your company Twitter posts on digital displays in your workplace to engage your employees and visitors

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Valotalive – Twitter app main features

✅ Choose an account to follow

✅ Support for text, images, and videos with auto-play!

✅ Select the amount of the latest tweets to show

✅ Very easy to setup – choose from single view or grid layouts

Twitter grid app as seen on digital signage
Twitter grid app as seen on display

Twitter App settings

✅ Customize your theme – use a default twitter-like theme or customize the color themes to match your brand

✅ Choose a single view or grid view layout

✅ Set the number of Tweets to show and display time for one Tweet

✅ Run your app in the Content Flow

Twitter post as seen on a display

Twitter Global Pulse

✅ Follow & showcase the pulse of Twitter discussion visualised on a 3D rotating globe

✅ Adjust the colors and theme according to your brand

✅ Adjust the rotating speed of the globe

✅ Follow a selected account or hashtag

Actual screen capture from a display

Go live with Twitter on digital signage

✔️ No Credit Card Needed   ✔️ Easy Set-up   ✔️ Cancel anytime