Displaying Data with Digital Signage

Articles how to display data and dashboards with digital signage. Drive data transparency and employee engagement in your organization.

Digital Bulletin Board: Unleashing the Power of Workplace Digital Signage

Digital bulletin board refers to the use of digital displays, such as LCD screens or video walls, strategically placed throughout an organization to deliver dynamic content in the workplace. These screens are found in various areas like factory shop floors, break rooms, offices, lobbies or even on employees’ desks. Traditional communication methods like email, memos, and bulletin boards often struggle to capture employees’ attention or convey important messages effectively. Digital… Read More »Digital Bulletin Board: Unleashing the Power of Workplace Digital Signage

How to Use Digital Signage for Employee Engagement in the Workplace

Instead of falling behind the times in your workplace decoration and internal branding strategies, create an engaging experience for your employees through digital signage. Learn six ways to improve your employee engagement through an immersive digital signage experience in the workplace.

How to Use Microsoft Teams with Digital Signage

This is your ultimate guide to display Teams messages on office screens using Valotalive digital signage software. We’ll guide you through the basics of Teams and digital signage and give you a step by step guide how to activate the Teams app in Valotalive.