Displaying Data with Digital Signage

Articles how to display data and dashboards with digital signage. Drive data transparency and employee engagement in your organization.

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Securely Display Google Charts on Digital Signage

Would you like to learn how to securely display Google Charts on your office digital signage displays? We’ll cover all the necessary steps in this blog, so keep reading to learn more about it.

How to Display Google Sheets Securely on Digital Signage

This blog post covers the steps to display your Google Sheets Table data securely on Digital Signage Displays. There is no need to make your Google Spreadsheet public to be able to display the content on digital signage displays. Let us cover how to do this in the secure way. A short introduction to Google Sheets Google Sheets is a powerful tool that will constantly improve over time. With Google… Read More »How to Display Google Sheets Securely on Digital Signage