Run Valotalive on Chrome OS

Workplace Digital Signage on Chromebox  

Chrome OS

Chrome OS is a powerful and fast operating system built by Google.


Chrome OS provides highly secure access to cloud-based tools, such as Valotalive, making it a great platform for Digital Signage.

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Chrome Devices

Easy to manage  

Secure by design

Low cost of ownership

Chrome devices, such as Chromeboxes, are powerful computers that run on Chrome OS. 

Secure by design and easy to manage Chromeboxes are highly used in Workplace Digital Signage.


Recommended Chromeboxes for Workplace Digital Signage

We have carefully tested multiple hardware and recommend the following Chromeboxes that are robust in use and work perfectly with Valotalive Workplace Digital Signage.

AOPEN Chromebox Commercial 2

Highly reliable and powerful 4K media player for 24/7 Workplace Digital Signage

HP Chromebox G2

Powerful Full HD performance with lean design for Workplace Digital Signage

Valotalive is a proud Google Partner

Valotalive is a Google Cloud Chrome Technology Partner for Digital Signage

The Google Partner Program is for businesses that create products that complement, enhance, or extend the reach/functionality of Google products.

Valotalive is the Digital Signage Platforms that truly integrates with Google.


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