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Communicate live information and data visualizations to your employees to empower and engage.

Connect to different business systems with the turn key apps in Valotalive.

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Our customers love using Valotalive

"Very easy to use app that is great for local communications on screens"

"Telia needed an info screen software as a complete service.

Valotalive proved to be an unique provider."

"Great data visualization & transparency" 

Automate information with turn-key apps
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Here's how it works
Step 1 Activate Apps

Connect to different business systems with apps. Our turn- key integrations make life easy.

Step 2 Create Flow

The unique dynamic content Flow automates all updates. Set the importance by weights.

Step 3 Go live

Assign your Flows to selected info screens. Reach all employees throughout the workplace. 

Award winning data visualization apps
The Enterprise Health & Safety Data visualization Valotalive designed and developed for Wärtsilä received High Commendation in the Digital Signage Awards 2018 in the category Corporate 
We visualize Data
Custom Apps 

Datavisualization offers greater employee engagement compared to the static information.

Live Production figures, Sales and Health & Safety visualizations are some examples that our customers are using for data driven communications.


"Great visualizations & transparency"



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Automate Content with the Flow

Our unique dynamic content Flow combined with integrations enables customers to show information taken from multiple data sources and deliver that in one flow of information to specific target audience.


You can set the information importance using weights feature.

Valotalive offers greater engagement with the audience by transforming static information into dynamic visuals.

Valotalive can reach all employees
Powered by Chrome OS

Make sure communications can reach all employees, not just the office workers. 

Bring real time digital information into the physical space.


Turn any screen into a visual info screen with the Chrome Device that will be delivered to you ready to go from order.