Accident Free Days Counter


Accident Free Days Counter for Digital Signage

Automatically count and display the number of accident free days at your production facility’s digital screens 

Accident Free Days Counter as seen on the screens

 Measure and communicate safety success metrics using digital signage to build a strong safety culture

✔️ No Credit Card Needed   ✔️ Easy Set-up   ✔️ 14-day free trial

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App main features

Add new incidents using a laptop or a mobile phone

Managing the counter

✅ The service includes a responsive web application that can be used on mobile phones or laptops to manage the data

✅ Provide access rights for the selected personnel to manage the counter. It is easy to invite users via personal web link

✅ Supported languages English / Finnish

Display and App Settings

✅ Activate one app for each counter

✅ Name your site and set your preference

✅ Set the start date for the counter

✅ Manage users who can add new incidents and zero the counter

✅ Optional Features – display information about the latest accident

Configure your app in Valotalive – It is easy to manage multiple counters

Accident Free Days Counter – tutorial

This tutorial will cover step-by-step the overview of the application and all components related to it. Learn how you can setup your app in just few minutes.

Go live with your Accident Free Days Counter

✔️ No Credit Card Needed   ✔️ Easy Set-up   ✔️ 14-day free trial