My Content Embed extends your internal communication channels to remote workers

There is an increase in remote working and that has truly accelerated resulting from COVID-19. Valotalive introduces new tools to make remote work possible and productive. One

What is My Content Embed?

My Content Embed extends your workplace Digital Signage channels from a traditional workplace to remote locations. In practice, the solution enables My Content channels to be embedded to any selected website, such as an intranet.

My Content posts embedded in intranet

My Content channel embedded on intranet

My Content Embed – Key features

✅ Share your My Content channels with your posts on other communication platforms such as company intranet

✅ Users can easily discover, scroll and click on the posts

✅ There are two layouts available: List or Grid view

How to activate My Content Embed?

You can activate My Content Embed with three easy steps:

1️⃣  Log in to valotalive and go to APPS → NEW EMBEDDED APPS

2️⃣  Choose My Content Embed app and finalise your configuration: theme, select relevant My content sources and the layout (grid recommended)

3️⃣  Copy embedded app’s URL to use it in an iframe (ACTIONS –> COPY THE URL)

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