Digital Signage for Production Facilities

Digital signage for production facilities

Improve Productivity and Workplace Safety

Make company key targets visible for everyone

Improve productivity & safety with Digital Displays

✔ Achieve production and quality targets with real-time KPIs 
✔ Improve health & safety awareness with live Safe days counters

✔ Communicate information that drives action

✔ Manage a network of multiple production displays with ease.

Show live dashboards and reports on digital signage. Improve employee communication with displays in production sites.

Valotalive makes it easy to target content in manufacturing. The service integrates with the tools that you use.

Digital Signage with health and safety KPIs

Digital Signage for production facilities

Manage a network of digital displays and show live dashboards in different sites.

✔ Display KPI Dashboards – connect with the service you already use

✔ Reach non-desk workers with internal communication  

​✔ Display emergency alerts, weather or news

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“The workplace information displays provided by Valotalive are an integral part of our internal communication and occupational safety strategy execution. It is important for us to communicate simultaneously to all our employees and subcontractors, regardless of the location of the construction site.”

Kati Kuoksa

Communications Manager, Hartela

Digital Signage that integrates with Dashboard services

Live manufacturing Dashboards

✔ Integrate your displays and service with applications that you already use
✔ Pull live dashboards from multiple systems

✔ Show dashboards from your internal Web Server with Valotalive Web App

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Digital Signage integration to the most known dashboard services

Digital Signage Integrations for Manufacturing

Valotalive provides a growing list of integrations with Dashboard and Business Intelligence Platforms, such as:

Microsoft Power BI


Microsoft Excel

Google Sheets 

…and many more

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Safe days counter encourages positive behaviour

The factory floor screen display a counter that shows the current number of accident-free days on that site.

The solution highlights the importance of workplace safety. The counter and relating communication promotes positive performance.

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