Digital Signage in Manufacturing

In this article we discuss the challenges manufacturing companies face in internal communication. We are also sharing best practices on how digital signage is used in manufacturing facilities to drive productivity.

The top challenges in internal communication for manufacturing companies

We have asked our customers in the manufacturing industry what are some main challenges they face in internal communication. We have summarised the findings below. The results are based on Valotalive customer survey in 2018.

1 How to target employee communication in a multi site environment?

Companies are looking for new ways to ensure that the relevant messages are directed to the right audiences.

2 How to engage employees in an environment where “information overload” is the new normal?

Information overload as a challenge has not gone anywhere. Employees in manufacturing companies are finding it challenging to keep up with a flood of information.

3 How to reach all employees from office workers at HQ to non desk workers at production plants?

Communication teams are looking for efficient ways to make sure non desk workers are aligned with the business. Sometimes it can be challenging to reach these employees with timely messaging.

Digital Signage for Production Facilities

How manufacturing facilities benefit from Digital Signage?

The three best practices how innovative companies are using digital signage in manufacturing facilities to drive productivity and improve overall employee experience are:

1 Improve Health & Safety Awareness

Live Health & Safety visualization in Manufacturing

Companies are aiming to achieve targets of zero injuries. Digital displays throughout offices, team rooms, and factory floors are used to improve safety awareness.

The displays can show live safety related datavisualizations to remind about the importance of the safety and to encourage to reach the target metrics.

Read more about Production Dashboards in Manufacturing here.

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2 Display live metrics to drive productivity

Live KPIs in production display

The fast pace of business and flood of information can be overwhelming. It is hard to communicate what is happening at the very moment, especially on the production floors.

To solve this, companies are communicating live data using digital displays around production plants.

Digital Signage can display live KPIs & Visual Dashboards on production sites. These can be such as:

  • production metrics
  • production schedules
  • quality
  • sales…

Live metrics are a common tool today to drive engagement. Digital Signage can be integrated with reporting or BI tools such as QlikView or Microsoft Power BI for automated dashboards.

3 Increase the reach of communication

Digital Signage display in manufacturing with live KPIs

Manufacturing companies are using digital signage in break rooms or factory floors to show the latest company news.

The news seen on digital displays can be automated directly from intranet, making it easy to repurpose the content. Local news can also easily be posted by the local content or production manager on the fly, even from a mobile phone.

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