Strengthen workplace safety with data driven Digital Signage

Animated data driven visualizations of Enterprise Health & Safety records on digital signage displays increase overall awareness about the strategic initiative.

“Set it and forget it”


Visualization updates and re-draws itself on the fly as the data has been updated. 

Digital Signage Award nominated EHS application

  • Deliver insights throughout your organization

  • Increase data transparency using Digital Signage for Safety Data​

  • Go live with Valotalive workplace Digital Signage in your offices 

How does it Work?

Reach all employees in the workplace with the insights.  

Globally local



Using Valotalive customers can easily activate multiple EHS apps with an individual setup to different sites.



Live Visualizations



The app uses Valotalive API to access real-time data from the selected EHS data management cloud.



Reach all your employees with

live safety data today

"Improved sustainability communications and safety records."

- Communication Manager in Global Manufacturing company