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Modern digital signage software for the workplace

Businesses across 50 countries trust Valotalive’s digital signage solutions to improve workplace communication and drive transparency. The largest customer verticals are manufacturing, logistics, construction, IT & technology, retail and education.

Valotalive integrates with the business applications you use today

We are continuously making new integrations and technology innovations available for customers who have a passion to improve data transparency and employee experience in the workplace. Automate content and data from tools you’re already using with our 35+ turn-key integrations.

Valotalive Co-Founders

Älykäs Infonäyttöohjelmisto moderneille työpaikoille

Transparency boosts employee productivity

At Valotalive we are building the future where employees will be prompted about their daily operations in a visual format at the right time, at the right place.

We use turn-key applications and custom applications to drive data transparency providing live dashboards and visual information for Digital Signage displays. Valotalive can distribute – to all employees – company metrics from data silos that were only accessible to executive management or specified teams.

Kaijus shares his thoughts about the modern workplace the vision the Valotalive team has.

Wärtsilä Corporation: More effective workplace communications with Valotalive digital signage software

Wärtsilä on yksi suurimmista Valotalive asiakkaista. Valotalivea käyttää yli 300 infonäyttöä parantaen työyhteisöviestintää toimistoissa, auloissa, tuotantolaitoksissa sekä asiakastiloissa.

Valotalive Core Values

We have cool people working in Valotalive!

We are also a company with strong values. Meet our team as they present the core values of Valotalive.

✔ Passion
✔ Trust
✔ Simplify
✔ Win-Win Partnerships

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Valotalive Team

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