Display live Facebook posts on Digital Signage from your company account

Connect your digital signage displays with your company’s Facebook to display live posts to engage employees

Live Facebook on digital displays
live Facebook displays

Go live with Facebook

✔️ No Credit Card Needed   ✔️ Easy Set-up   ✔️ Cancel anytime

Valotalive is trusted by innovative companies

Display live feed of Facebook posts to engage your employees

Valotalive Facebook App main features

✅ Secure Facebook Authentication

✅ Follow the posts from company account

✅ Support for text, images, and auto-play video!

✅ Choose the amount of latest posts to display

Auto-play videos supported

✅ Insert videos in your social media posts to engage your audience

✅ Valotalive supports auto-play videos in social media

Go live with Facebook on digital signage

✔️ No Credit Card Needed   ✔️ Easy Set-up   ✔️ Cancel anytime