Microsoft Excel

Integrate digital signage with Microsoft Excel

Live and automated KPI dashboards and data from Microsoft Excel on digital signage

Excel Chart as seen on Digital Signage

Connect your Digital Signage displays with Microsoft Excel to display live metrics and visualizations across organization

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Valotalive Excel Integration

Valotalive has a ready-to-go integration with MS O365 Excel. Here’s how it works

App main features

✔ Activate Excel App in Valotalive

✔ Authenticate securely with Azure AD credentials

✔ Choose your Excel file with ease using OneDrive file picker

✔ Your Excel application will display either your file’s Charts or Table data based on your settings

OneDrive File Picker
Secure authentication – choose your file from OneDrive

App settings

✔ OneDrive file picker to choose your file

✔ Choose tab and set the data range

✔ Choose to show either the Charts in the file or the table data

✔ Set the data update interval

Read more about the setup in Valotalive Help Center

Microsoft Excel Table Data as seen on display

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