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Let us introduce you to Valotalive’s PowerPoint App!

PowerPoint slide as seen on Digital Signage

Integrate your Digital Signage Displays with Microsoft 365 PowerPoint

A great tool for:

✔️ Offices & Production facilities – Internal Employee Communication

✔️ Lobbies – Visitor Communication

… and much more!

Available now!

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Modernit yhtiö luottavat Valotaliveen

Valotalive’s PowerPoint Integration

Valotalive has a built-in integration with Microsoft 365 PowerPoint. The application can be activated in the service with a few clicks. After this the display will follow your updates on the PowerPoint file that is in OneDrive. It is that simple.

App main features

✔ Activate your PowerPoint App in Valotalive

✔ Authenticate securely with Azure AD credentials

✔ Choose your PowerPoint file with ease using OneDrive file picker

✔ Your PowerPoint application will display your slides as they are

Secure authentication – choose your file from OneDrive

App settings

✔ One application in Valotalive is paired with one PowerPoint file

✔ Activate as many apps in Valotalive as you like to target different content on different screens

✔ Set a display time for pages, i.e 10 seconds

✔ Choose to display page numbers (optional)

PowerPoint presentation as seen on digital signage display

Activate Microsoft 365 PowerPoint in Valotalive

✔ Try with laptop ✔ No CC needed ✔ Quit any time