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Top How To Guides to Workplace Digital Signage

Along the years we have posted quite a few “How to” Guides to Workplace Digital Signage. These posts have been highly popular. We decided to put together the ultimate collection, so… meet our Top “How to” Guides that are all collected in one post for your convenience.

Introducing the Coffee Break Insights

Coffee Break Insights give your employees the live situation of your business with a quick look. Read more about Visma’s Data Insights & Automation team’s way of sharing data.

Power BI Filters for Digital Signage

How to Use Filters in Power BI on Digital Signage to Target Your Reports Better

In this post we will focus more on the advanced, and highly requested, feature to use filters feature when displaying Power BI Reports on Digital Signage screens. It is possible for you to target your reports easier and better than before. We will provide you with an introduction to Power BI filters and go through the steps how to apply filters in the app settings.

How to Display Google Calendar Live on Digital Signage Around Office

In this blog we cover the basics regarding Google Team Calendar, Some Use cases for sharing Google Calendar on Digital Signage displays and the steps to activate your Google Calendar app in Valotalive. Google Team Calendar Google Calendar is a great tool to manage shared and joint team calendars. It is easy to manage this under Google Calendar’s visibility and sharing options. With Google Calendar you can: Share Existing Calendar… Lue lisää »How to Display Google Calendar Live on Digital Signage Around Office

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Workplace Digital Signage Buyer’s Guide

This digital signage buyer’s guide covers everything you need to know about buying Digital Signage service for your workplace. The guide also includes six quick tips for you.