Valotalive Workplace Digital Signage & Google

Connect to G Suite applications

Display content across your managed Chrome devices. 

Display live posts from Google based intranets.

A Digital Signage service that integrates with Google.

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Valotalive Digital Signage & Google go hand in hand

With Valotalive and Google, you can make sure your communication channels are aligned.


Integrate your digital signage with Google-based tools to increase productivity. Create content with the tools you already use. Automate information from your favorite business applications to your Digital Signage displays.

G Suite

Integrate Valotalive Digital Signage with Google G Suite applications.

Keep your communication channels aligned and automate relevant content from G Suite applications.

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Display content across managed Chrome devices.

Chrome is a modern and secure OS for Digital Signage.

Alternatively, you can run Valotalive Workplace Digital Signage on your device.

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Google Sign-in 

Google Sign-in enabled. Log in to Valotalive quickly and securely, using a registration system you already use and trust.


Valotalive with Google  makes it easy and secure to log in to the Digital Signage admin Dashboard.

Extend the reach of your Google-based intranet

Make digital signage work for you. Automate live information and the latest news right from your Google-based intranet to those office displays. 


LumApps is a single platform to manage both internal and external social communications.

Extend the reach of your Google based intranet using Digital Signage.


Happeo, the social intranet for G suite, changes the way your company communicates.

Drive traffic to your Google based intranet and increase attention with Digital Signage.

Valotalive is a Google Cloud Chrome Technology Partner for Digital Signage

The Google Partner Program is for businesses that create products that complement, enhance, or extend the reach/functionality of Google products.

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✔️ No Credit Card Needed   ✔️ Easy Set-up   ✔️ Cancel anytime

What are customers saying about Valotalive

" Keep employees up-to-date and aligned with Valotalive Workplace Digital Signage"

Amos Ahola, Director, Communications & Branding, Wärtsilä Corporation