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Valotalive Digital Signage & Google go hand in hand

With Valotalive and Google, you can make sure your communication channels are aligned.


Integrate your digital signage with Google-based tools to increase productivity. Create content with the tools you already use. Automate information from your favorite business applications to your Digital Signage displays.

Integrate Valotalive Digital Signage with Google G Suite applications.

Keep your communication channels aligned and automate relevant content from G Suite applications.

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G Suite

Display content across managed Chrome devices.

Chrome is a modern and secure OS for Digital Signage.

Alternatively, you can run Valotalive Workplace Digital Signage on your device.

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Google Sign-in enabled. Log in to Valotalive quickly and securely, using a registration system you already use and trust.


Valotalive with Google  makes it easy and secure to log in to the Digital Signage admin Dashboard.

Google Sign-in 

Extend the reach of your Google-based intranet

Make digital signage work for you. Automate live information and the latest news right from your Google-based intranet to those office displays. 

LumApps is a single platform to manage both internal and external social communications.

Extend the reach of your Google based intranet using Digital Signage.


Happeo, the social intranet for G suite, changes the way your company communicates.

Drive traffic to your Google based intranet and increase attention with Digital Signage.

Valotalive is a Google Cloud Chrome Technology Partner for Digital Signage

The Google Partner Program is for businesses that create products that complement, enhance, or extend the reach/functionality of Google products.

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" Keep employees up-to-date and aligned with Valotalive Workplace Digital Signage"

Amos Ahola, Director, Communications & Branding, Wärtsilä Corporation