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Press: 20th of December 2019

Valotalive Announces First-Ever Overlay Technology for Workplace Digital Signage (patent pending)

Valotalive Overlay Technology (patent pending) transforms the way to use the content on digital signage displays.  The “content-on-content” solution is based on a modern web-based technology combined with Valotalive’s unique architecture designed to bring the best out of your precious screens.

HELSINKI, FINLAND - Today we are very proud to announce a new innovative Overlay Technology to our platform (patent pending). Overlay Technology offers vast opportunities to use content on top of content to drive data transparency and employee experience around the workplace.


The solution uses a modern web-based HTML5 technology combined with Valotalive unique architecture to bring the best content out of your precious screens.


What is Valotalive Overlay Technology and how does it work?


“The overlay technology provides a novel and refreshing way of combining multiple data sources to the screen. The customer creates an Overlay App that uses some data source for content and binds it to selected screens. It renders on top of everything and can utilize the whole screen but leaves most of the screen transparent for the normal content to show through. It is a really nice platform to be creative for example for product launches and other memorable events.” Says Mikko Korpelainen, CTO of Valotalive.


Which are the overlay content use cases for workplace digital signage?


✅ Bring fun to your workplace. One very relevant content example right now is the Christmas greetings: Valotalive customers can use our turn-key Snow App to design a very unique season surprise to their audience. This short sneak preview video shows you the looks.


✅ Make data transparent to your employees. Overlay content is a great tool to highlight the importance of the selected KPI data updates. For example, an elevator manufacturer could have a CEO in an elevator going up and down on a screen with greetings to the employees.


✅ Create a unique employee experience. With overlay content, HR can introduce the faces of new employees to greet the digital signage audience. 

Valotalive in short

Valotalive is the leading platform for Workplace Digital Signage. The company is continuously making new integrations and technology innovations available for companies who have a passion to improve data transparency and employee experience in the workplace. For more information visit:




Kaijus Asteljoki, Co-Founder & CEO

t +358 400 701 629


News: 7th of February 2018

High Commendation from Digital Signage Awards 2018

The winners for global digital signage awards were announced along the Digital Signage Summit at ISE Amsterdam. We are excited to tell you that Valotalive was among the finalists and received a High Commendation for the Workplace Digital Signage Category!


The team developed a data visualization application for Wärtsilä called Wärtsilä EHS that presents the strategic health & safety information on Wärtsilä’s info screens & Intranet globally to reach all the employees.

The application automatically visualizes real-time data from the Synergy data management cloud in an easy to understand format. 


The information is globally localized - showing global and local information on their 200+ locations - reaching their 18.000 employees.

Press: 10th of October 2017

Longtime Angry Birds Brand Ambassador Peter Vesterbacka Joins Valotalive Advisory Board To Build Global Profile

ESPOO, FINLAND – Workplace communications platform provider Valotalive has added Peter Vesterbacka, the longtime global brand ambassador for the wildly popular Angry Birds game franchise, to its advisory board.


Vesterbacka will use his global reputation and contacts to serve as Valotalive´s Brand Ambassador, accelerating the Espoo, Finland company from the startup phase to a growth phase for its next-generation platform. Valotalive makes it easy to put important workplace communications – from KPIs to social media messaging – on any screen around offices and facilities.


Vesterbacka was among the best-known executives at Rovio – called the “Mighty Eagle” around Rovio (also based in Espoo) as the Angry Birds franchise became a global phenomenon. He has also been the founder of Slush and MobileMonday and the co-founder at Lightneer and Fun Academy. 


“We are growing fast and aiming high, but it´s very important to enjoy every step of this exciting journey,” says Tomi Paajanen, Valotalive´s Chief Growth Officer. “I have known Peter for couple of years and I am confident that he will be an amazing asset to us. Our partnership with Peter will be based on an unprecedented B-A-T approach that will keep things simple, effective and very fun.”


Our BAT approach means: 


  • Brand - Establish Valotalive as a global brand;

  • Attitude - Grow with a best in the world mindset;

  • Traffic - Drive traffic and online sales.


It is a honor to have Peter onboard with us and we are looking forward to a new era of growth and fun!

Press: 10th of August 2017

Valotalive announces strategic partnership with Gapps to accelerate growth in multi-channel workplace communications

The new partnership will give Gapps’ customers access to a best-of-breed digital signage solution based on the Valotalive platform with Google technology. Valotalive and Gapps share the same vision about cloud-based workplace communication where information finds the right people: real-time information provided by info screens and intranet can empower, motivate and engage employees.  


Gapps is the leading Google Cloud solution providers and digital services developer in Finland. With over 900 Google Cloud deployments, Gapps had built a deep understanding on the Google technologies and become an experienced cloud advisor in the Finnish market. Gapps has customers across industries and in all sizes, including companies such as Yle, Kovanen, Idean and Azets.


“We are very excited about this partnership with Valotalive as it will expand our footprint in the digital workplace communications. With smart info screens, we can now offer companies a simple way to reach all their employees with internal messaging, even the blue-collar workers in factories who have no access to laptops”, explains Gapps COO Kasper Pöyry.​


Valotalive´s platform provides a next-generation workplace communication platform to improve corporate communications in a visual and easy to digest way. The Company´s pay as you go SaaS platform offers access to different data sources, including Gapps’ social intranet Universe, to visualize it on any screen with Content Apps. Valotalive provides services for customers such as Wärtsilä, Metsä Group and ABB, Rovio and WE+. 

“As we enter the new era in the workplace communication, companies must innovate and collaborate together to stay competitive and relevant to customers. We are proud to be partnering with Gapps, one of the best Google Cloud powerhouses in the Nordics. We share similar visions between the organisations and our values are alike. Together Valotalive and Gapps are helping customers to empower their employees with the right tools and information to be more productive and engaged”, says Valotalive CEO Kaijus Asteljoki.