Automate Workplace Communication while driving data transparency with Valotalive.


Pay-As-You-Go Subscriptions


With our subscriptions you pay for the digital signage services as you consume them.


For starting with Valotalive

Fee for 30 days

8 € / Source / Display

Billed Monthly, Pay-As-You-Go

✅  Pick & Choose Sources & Apps

✅  Pay as you go - daily usage      

✅  Scales up and down                      

Awesome Annual

For Customers with a mature Valotalive network

Fee for 30 days

29 € / Display

Billed Annually

✅  Unlimited use of Sources & Apps

✅  Easy to budget                                 

✅  Best value for Money                                

Awesome Monthly

For Customers with a mature Valotalive network

Fee for 30 days

34 € / Display

Billed Monthly, Pay-As-You-Go

✅  Unlimited use of Sources & Apps

✅  Pay as you go - daily usage           

✅  Scales up and down                      

Customize your plan with optional add-on service 

My Content Embed

Monthly fee

190 € / Company

Show your My Content posts on any selected website, such as intranet.

✅  Turnkey Application - can be purchased within the service

✅  Easy to manage - create multiple My Content Embed apps as a self-service                                 

✅  Maximize the value of your content with multiple channels                               

Payment Methods


We accept the following credit cards:

Service Guarantee by Valotalive

Valotalive includes a unique service level guarantee to all our customers.


Should any Digital Signage display with Valotalive service be unable to play content, we are not invoicing (in our monthly subscriptions) for those days.*


This is an automated process, enabled by our daily invoicing system and requires no action from the customer.

*A Digital Signage Display will play previous content if the mediaplayer is offline due to a temporary network failure.


The Mediaplayer status is shown in Valotalive in real time.

Valotalive's main features 

We have an extensive set of value adding features.

Turn key apps

We have integrated our platform to various data sources to make life easy for you

Display Fleets

Fleet overview and Display management is a great asset.


Our unique dynamic content flow automates all updates, by deciding what to show next. 


Get help regarding Valotalive. Our support is here to help.

Free updates

It is our value proposition to develop our services further. All updates that we bring, are free for our customers


Enterprise level security is a priority to us and our customers. 

Our Customers Love Using Valotalive

"Very easy to use app that is great for local communications on screens."

"Great data visualization & transparency."