Cloud-based digital signage content management software for the workplace

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How Valotalive Digital Signage Content Management Works

Anyone can get started with Valotalive digital signage in less than 10 minutes – No IT help needed!

Step 1: Sign up for the 14-day free trial. Configure your relevant content apps and create your first content flow – a customizable, fully automated digital signage playlist. To give it a try, you only need a regular laptop.

Step 2: Activate content apps. Pull content directly from your existing workplace apps with our 35 turn-key integrations or add custom content through My Content channels.

Step 3: Publish your first content flow. All you need is a laptop with a Chrome browser. Valotalive My Display (Chrome extension) works as your personal display to view your content on your laptop.

What You Can Do With Valotalive Digital Signage Content Management

Create automated playlists

✔ Create fully automated content playlists with Valotalive Flow

✔ Weigh content displaying frequency according to importance

Pull content from workplace apps

✔ Plug-and-play integrations with existing workplace apps & tools

✔ Supports many content formats like slideshows, videos, images, RSS news feeds, dashboards, external websites, and social media feeds

Add custom content on the go

✔ Use My Content Channel to share any custom content easily, directly from your laptop or mobile phone

Personalize content for each screen

✔ Personalize content for each info screen or build generic flows

Display multiple contents in split view

✔ Create stunning informative displays using multiple content zones with Multiview App and customize for your brand.

Access easily on any device

✔ Valotalive digital signage content management software is a SaaS (Software as a Service) tool, so you can access it securely on any browser and device

Manage user rights flexibly

✔️ Separate UI for local content managers and network admin users

✔️ Manage company, user group, or user-specific access rights in the advanced admin view

Keep your data secure & compliant

✔️ Enterprise-level compatible security, compliance, and user management

✔️ SAML 2.0-based SSO for additional security and centralized user management (Microsoft Azure AD, Google, Okta)

Valotalive Content Management - Modern Digital Signage Platform

Works With Google and Microsoft Ecosystems

Valotalive Digital Signage Content Management works with most common platforms like Chrome OS, Windows 10, Microsoft, and Google. Simply select the Valotalive kiosk app for your media player device.

Google Workspace & Chrome OS

✔ SSO login

✔ Integrations to Google business applications such as Sheets, Slides, Calendar, and more

✔ Supports Chrome OS devices

Read more about Valotalive for Google

Microsoft & Windows 10

✔ SSO login

✔ Integrations to Microsoft business applications such as Power BI, SharePoint, Teams, Excel, and more

✔ Works on Windows 10 devices

Read more about Valotalive for Windows

Valotalive Digital Signage Software Integrations

Valotalive integrates with the business applications you use today.

Valotalive offers 35 integrations with all major workplace tools that enable automated content updates from intranet platforms, social media services, business intelligence tools, and news and weather services. We are continuously making new integrations and technology innovations available for customers who have a passion to improve employee experience in the workplace.

Read more about Valotalive apps & integrations

Benefits for Businesses & Organizations

Improved Workplace Communication

Use digital signage as a primary or supporting communications channel.

✔ Reach everyone, regardless of their location 

✔ Improves the ROI of your communication efforts

✔ Accelerate company’s strategy execution

✔ Increase employee engagement and sense of belonging at the workplace

✔ Improve employee retention rate

Better Data Transparency

Link digital signage with your BI tools to automatically share business insights.

✔ Improve health and safety records

✔ Increase employee productivity

✔ Improve supply chain efficiency

✔ Promote data literacy 

✔ Improve product quality, process, and procedure

✔ Increase employee engagement and sense of belonging at the workplace

Award-Winning Digital Signage Trusted by Companies in 50+ Countries

Valotalive works equally for offices, manufacturing and production facilities, public spaces like lobbies and remote work.

“Having just one centralized data source for all critical data makes our daily operations  simpler and less prone to errors. But the best thing is that when employees walk across the warehouse, they simply can’t avoid seeing important information. This has absolutely had a huge effect on our productivity and the quality of our work.”

Thomas Grüner

Project Manager, Logistics


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