How Startup Sauna uses Valotalive to enhance member experience in Co-Working space

March 6, 2018



Kasper Suomalainen is the the Director of Community at Startup Sauna, Northern Europe's most prominent accelerator. In 2014, he was the President of Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, which is Europe's largest student-run entrepreneurship community. At Startup Sauna, they get about 1500 applications a year and take roughly 30 tech teams in total for the two programs that focus on business development.


The co-working space uses Valotalive to power their Digital Signage and to enhance their member experience. Below you can read how Kasper gives a short summary about their experience.



Startup Sauna Co-working space


We have a co-working space at Aalto University's campus in Otaniemi where we run the accelerator programs and most events we have. Multiple presidents, ambassadors, business leaders, government officials, entrepreneurs and investors visit our space weekly to learn about the Finnish startup ecosystem.


The Challenge


One challenge we had was communicating what's happening in the space and our ecosystem to all the visitors. There's a lot happening all the time and most of it is posted on social media. One goal was to make the space more informative and approachable for visitors we don't have time to host.


It's great that Valotalive automatically integrates the newest Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts on the Wall as it's a huge time-saver for us. We don't have to produce all the content again. In addition, the Valotalive Wall app on the mobile allows us to post content related specifically to the space itself that we wouldn't post on social media. This way, people stay on track what's happening both with social media as well as specific things related only to the space.


The benefits of Valotalive


Before Valotalive, we had a few screens in the lobby, however, no one really updated them and the content was old. Now the content updates automatically and visitors get the "what's happening right now" instead of what happened last week.



The feedback we've got has been very positive so far and the Valotalive team has been super helpful in showing us how it works and listening, and implementing any feedback we've had.



The social wall creates more social media buzz and we feel it also increases the amount of followers we get as they can see right away what handle to subscribe to. The overall general experience for visitors and residents of the co-working space has improved and it creates a sense of community.





User generated Content


We're also able to post everyday stuff related to the co-working space that we wouldn't otherwise post on social media. The Valotalive wall app on mobile brings a great balance incorporating both public social media posts as well as more targeted posts for only the visitors via the app.



Summary and further thoughts



It's definitely improving our customer experience. For our co-working space, I think the current functionality has worked really well. A thing that comes to mind (to develop the concept) is to integrate the community a bit more (Aaltoes, Startup Life, Startup Sauna and Slush).


One way to do this would be to have a "Want your posts on this wall?" feature where users can submit posts and the app admin could approve the requests. This way content could be sourced from community members and quickly be approved to show on the wall.


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