How to automate Digital Signage Content?

March 7, 2018


Content Marketing and Marketing Automation are today’s hot topics.


In this blog we review the benefits of Digital Signage content automation, provide a FREE template in the end of this post and instruct with the first steps, all to help you in your planning process.


There are several business benefits in automating and streamlining marketing processes over multiple channels. Yet Content Automation is not a privilege for marketing departments only.



Content Automation for Internal Communication?


Internal communications professionals are streamlining their processes as well in a very similar way - by automating and aligning digital communications channels, such as Intranet to digital signage as an example.


We decided to ask our customer’s and business partner’s opinion on how they see content automation in digital signage.


There are two major benefits to Digital Signage Content Automation:


1. Align Digital Communication channels to increase productivity

2. Attract attention and decrease workload at the same time


And How to begin with the whole content automation...?


Keep on reading to find out more. 



1. Align digital communications channels to increase productivity



“Digital Signage Content automation plays a crucial role in keeping the channel relevant, current and interesting,” says Susanna Aittokoski, Internal Communications Manager of Rovio Entertainment.


“There are a lot of development opportunities in this area. Automated digital signage content can be pretty much anything from bus schedules, weather information to internal news streamed directly from intranet to social media feeds as well. Read more How to map digital signage content & plan for automation



Content automation gives also communicators time to focus on other important things as the need for putting information manually to digital signage disappears.”


Susanna had a clear view for the next steps as developing the digital signage content: 

“Content automation is the most interesting development area at the moment. From internal communications perspective, we need to align our digital communications channels."


"That is also why we are now working hard to get our social intranet feed to the screens.


By this automated relevant content we hope to raise more awareness and increase the usage of our new intranet. Digital signage is an important part of this channel strategy, “ she ended.


2. Attract attention and decrease workload at the same time


Henri Sarin, CEO of Digital Signage specialist and services provider iConnect was along the same lines when giving his thoughts about the topic.


“The majority of our customers find updating information to digital signage on constant basis very challenging and time consuming. Yet the given information should be fresh and interesting in relevance so it catches the eye of the audience,”

“We help our customers with the matter by bundling content services,  applications that provide live and automated content updates, into the total solution.



The best part:


"Based on the customer feedback, these services help them in attracting more attention and thus reaching a wider target audience. Their workload is also considerably less when it comes to updating digital signage content.


With digital signage becoming increasingly popular and strategic for our customers, the content plays much more important role,” he continues.


3. How to start?


We have posted all content manually, how should we approach automation?


Typically the relevant content already exists in our business applications. There's no need to publish twice


We just need to identify the right content and then get it in to our processes - updating automatically on our digital signage displays.


Step #1 Map your relevant content against your business drivers:


Use our FREE Template - download it here - to help you in your Digital Signage content strategy planning process


Below you we have identified different areas of content - topic and location of that content:



For further details, please see the following content:


Workplace Digital Signage Content Strategy: A Beginner's Guide

3 Tips to effective Digital Signage Content Strategy

How to drive transparency and employee engagement with digital signage




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