3 Tips to support One Company initiative with Info Screens

March 7, 2018


An organisation is only as strong as its people, especially if they all have the same direction and agenda. Many executives are looking for ways to break the silos between teams and organizational levels. How to create one company with the same values and culture is the question.


Why are Enterprises taking One Company initiatives then? The answer; looking for better results. As an example Microsoft said in 2013 that they would “realign to enable innovation at greater speed and bring more efficiency”. They called this One Microsoft initiative. A company can work more efficiently when everyone is going to the same direction. Enterprises look into aligning different business units to to drive forward toward better customer experience.


The approach itself is a business transformation initiative that does not happen overnight. Even so it can be supported in very concrete ways with smart Digital Signage applications and some common sense.


Three concrete examples for supporting One Company initiative with Digital Signage.


Our customers have taken concrete actions in making these changes in company culture visual. We give you examples of concrete tools that our customers are using along with digital signage to support the initiated One Company strategy and approach.


Create a “One Company” media out of your digital signage network with the following use cases and applications


1 Showcase success stories


Make it customer centric. Visualise company success stories in a new way to communicate this. Post new wins, successful deliveries and happy customer stories on internal Digital Signage network.


A short message with accompanying image is more than enough. You can empower managers and even employees to share their success stories over Digital Signage a new way!


2 Boost company culture & can do attitude with Twitter


Make the change part of the culture. Empower key employees to share their daily moments with a specific internal social media wall.



Launch a Twitter hashtag for company specific tweets #ourcompanyrules as an example.


Filter and visualise tweets automatically on Info Screens. It’s a smart way to boost company brand and employee morale at the same time.


3 Use data visualization to drive employee engagement


Use data visualization to reach company strategic KPI’s. Visualise data that highlights how the One Company initiative and the transformation project is working.  


Visualise and automate simple metrics to be seen on internal digital signage - such as sales data from CRM, delivery data from ERP or health & safety data.




Making relevant data, located in different business applications, visually available will empower effective decision making at all levels.




At the same time it will create a sense that we employees are all in this together.

The impact

The impact is what matters. Making the One company initiative visible to all employee groups is imperative. Relevant, constantly updating and visual content on company Digital Signage network supports the change management process in a very concrete way. We have seen this leading to Improved engagement. The employees have seen the the change taking place - visual and concrete.


When the employees can create content themselves, such as post success stories or share their daily moments on social wall, creates an new emotional bond to the the medium, such as Digital Signage.

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