Increase employee engagement with your content on LinkedIn and YouTube

May 9, 2018


Screenshots of Valotalive social media apps.


You have great content already in LinkedIn and YouTube


Our customer create amazing content that already exists in their social media channels, such as YouTube or LinkedIn. Why not use that content in internal communication as well. Tell the employees what is happening right now, without additional work!


Connect your info screens with LinkedIn to engage and boost company culture


LinkedIn, according to themselves, is the world's largest professional network with more than 562 million users. They are on the mission to connect the world’s professionals. This is why LinkedIn is increasingly important platform in terms of generating traffic from potential customers and engaging potential employees.


Companies create high flying content that they post on the company profile pages to build thought leadership and promoting company culture. This is great content to be used in internal communications for the same reasons; engage employees and boost company culture.


Automate your great LinkedIn content to new channels


Screenshots of Valotalive LinkedIn apps. LinkedIn Cards on the left and LinkedIn on the right. 


With Valotalive LinkedIn apps You can automate company posts or job postings to info screens around the workplace.


The app comes with two layouts, choose the best to suit your needs whether you'd like to have larger space for images or text.


Just authenticate Valotalive with your company LinkedIn account and you are good to go.



Use YouTube for internal & external branding


YouTube is the video-sharing platform we all know. Companies create now more video content than ever before.


"By 2019, video content will be the driving factor behind 85% of search traffic in the U.S."


- Ashley Karhoff of Newscred on American Marketing Association publication in 2016


Connect info screens with YouTube


It is easy to stream your videos to your info screens. Internal displays can be used for internal branding  or promotional videos that meet company visitors at the lobbies. Many use videos for internal branding in internal communication. They mix internal communication messages with company videos to set the mood right.



With Valotalive YouTube playlist app You can automate the video content to info screens from a selected playlist of a YouTube channel.


How to set your YouTube app up?


Setting up is easy, just copy your Playlist ID to Valotalive. See the video below for further introduction.


Use relevant Social Media Content to drive engagement and interactivity in the workplace



How? - Read more here



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