How to share your Power BI Dashboards and Reports on digital signage?

July 30, 2019



This blog post covers the steps to display your Power BI Dashboard or Report on Digital Signage displays in the secure way. 


Drive action with Digital Signage & Business Insights


The truth can be found in the data. You’ve got data, but what next?


You need to communicate insights and information to drive action throughout the workplace.


Datavisualization is the key to understanding the bigger picture. Visuals are more engaging than the raw data.


Go data driven


With today’s tools the data can be collected, analysed and summarised into dashboards with easy to use tools, such as Microsoft Power BI.


The data visualizations make it easier to understand the trends, patterns and the whole story around the data.


You now have actionable information.


Creating a great looking dashboard is not enough. You need to get it in front of the right people in order to drive action.


Valotalive Microsoft Power BI integration


Valotalive has made it easy to share your MS Power BI dashboards or reports with your employees on digital signage screens around the workplace.



Native Authentication to ensure high Security for you


Valotalive Power BI Digital Signage integration is based on native Azure AD authentication making it a secure way to display your dashboards.


Authenticating Valotalive with MS Power BI cloud means that you do not need to make any reports / dashboards public to show them on Digital Signage displays.



Follow these steps to display your Power BI Report on Digital Signage



1. Power BI Account


Make sure you have a valid MS Power BI cloud account


2. Valotalive Account


Activate your Valotalive account. 


If you do not have done so already, you can test Valotalive today as a FREE trial is provided for you.


You will be taken to Valotalive main page. Where you can do many things, but most of all you can find your Power BI app icon there.






3. Activate Your Display in Valotalive


Make sure you have an active display in Valotalive. You may test the service with a Chrome Extension display during the free trial.


Later you will need a mediaplayer to connect Valotalive to your displays around your office. You may use any existing display with HDMI or You have some options to go forward:


Option I You can order the preconfigured, ready-to-go devices straight from Valotalive. Or you can sour and manage the Chrome mediaplayers yourself. Valotalive can be found in Chrome Web Store.


Option II You can use Valotalive Extension in case you wish to use any other media player.



4. Activate your MS Power BI App in Valotalive


Once you are in Valotalive activate your MS Power BI Dashboards or Report app. We provide you two different apps to suit your preference.


As one of the first steps you will be asked to authenticate Valotalive with MS Power BI cloud using your MS credentials.


Valotalive supports Microsoft Azure AD authentication to enable best possible level of security for you:


 Click "Authorize"  ⬆️ as shown in the image to authenticate Valotalive with you MS Power BI account.


Enter your MS Power BI credentials to go forward as shown in the image. You will be then taken back to Valotalive.




5. Adjust your Power BI app settings


In app settings choose the report / dashboard from the drop down menu + give further preferences in advance settings. You can scroll through the different tabs in Power BI Reports. 


6. Assign your Power BI app to your Display




Click here to Learn more about how to share your Microsoft Power BI dashboards on digital signage. 


Turn insights into actions - Go Data Driven


Data driven communication in practice means that we are sharing actionable information and visualizations around strategic domains, such as:


  • Sales KPIs

  • Health & Safety records

  • Production Data

  • Financials

  • Quality

  • Employee Incentive KPIs


Power BI + Valotalive Digital Signage is a perfect combination to drive transparency within your organization.



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Click here to learn more about Valotalive.

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