Valotalive Behind the Scenes

June 13, 2018

Mikko, our co-founder & CTO, recently posted an excellent article about the Valotalive service evolution.


We thought we’d lift the curtain a bit more and share some behind the scenes topics. Take a look of what is typically going on in a software company.


We communicate


We are in constant communication with our team, customers and business partners. There are ideas and feedback, notes and documents. It is a constant process for us to gather all the data we have at hand. We sort it, prioritise it and act upon it.


 Katariina working on something very important.



We come up with new ideas and new stuff


It is our job to listen to our customers, understand their needs and innovate and develop the service for them. Usually this is a process where the service or one of its features develop step by step.


Typically we work on areas such as UX, new data integrations and some undercover topics as well ;) APIs are something that are in talks almost on a daily basis.

Here you can see an example related to the customer experience bit. We are bringing new information in a dashboard to the Valotalive front page. Here’s a screenshot from our tests.





We test... a lot


Testing is fundamental to what we do. We perform rigorous tests to new features, apps and data integrations and everything else that we release. Occasionally it seems that all we do is test. That just shows how important it is in order to maintain quality.


The team has even developed a unique testing engine that automates parts of the visual testing process to make life easier. You have to love that thing. We call it...wait for it...“THE Test Machine”


We drink coffee too


As a startup company you should be able to state how much coffee you consume in cups throughout the year. All cool companies just do that.



We think we are cool, but to be honest, we have no clue how much coffee we consume as a company. But... we know as a fact that we Finns consume some significant amounts of coffee, I’m sure I do. “According to the International Coffee Association, each Finn consumes 12 kilograms of coffee per year. This makes Finland the second-largest country in the world for per capita coffee consumption” according to This is Finland. And let’s add that one of us does not drink coffee at all! So there, that’s the coffee topic covered as well. Phew!

Stay tuned for further personnel spotlights in the near future.


Keep up the good work buddy

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