Valotalive update 06/18

June 19, 2018


We have performed yet another service update. The June 2018 updates to Valotalive are: 

  1. Valotalive Dashboard 

  2. Valotalive Chrome Extension 

  3. Harmonized font sizes throughout all apps

  4. First Use instructions

  5. Bug fixes


Valotalive Dashboard



When you first log in to Valotalive you are presented with the dashboard. Valotalive dashboard brings together all the important information regarding your Info Screen network. Here you'll get a quick glance of how your network is performing;




  • See the status of your displays at a glance.

  • Locate the displays in the world map

  • Identify all apps that are in use or available for use

  • Interactive trend line graph of the invoicing with daily break down

  • Interactive trend line graph of the content serves with daily break down

  • Interactive trend line graph of the total display volume



Valotalive Chrome Extension


Valotalive Chrome Extension turns any laptop with Chrome into a live Info Screen. Install to Valotalive to any Chrome browser to automate information and to visualize data to a display. With Valotalive Chrome Extension you can have your personal Info Screen with you and enjoy Valotalive anywhere.






Harmonized font sizes



The font sizes have been harmonized throughout all apps for more consistant viewing experience.


This is a follow up update to our programmatic view distance mechanism. 






First use instructions


Valotalive will greet and instruct the first users to create a test display using Chrome Extension to give it a go.


Are you new to Valotalive? In that case you can create your account for free here, start your free trial for automated info screens for workplace communication.



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