Top 5 Internal Communications Blogs You Should Follow

August 1, 2018


Updated 6.8.2019


Are you looking for a source to go to find out the latest news regarding Internal Communications?


Look no further.


We have listed the top 5 blogs and authors that write about:

- the news 

- challenges 

- best practices

- and the latest technology about internal communications.


We have also asked some of the authors what is the top blog they recommend to read.


So keep on reading to find out more.




1. IC Kollectif


IC Kollectif is an organization “dedicated to promoting and advancing the strategic practice of Internal Communication.” They share knowledge, insights and research from around the world.


The CEO & Founder of IC Kollectif is Lise Michaud. She has more than 25 years of experience in senior communication roles across the public and private sectors in Canada.


What is the blog about


They publish original content from different authors globally. The topics include engagement, technology, frameworks etc. A very resourceful site.


“This summer we will discuss key topics such as challenges practitioners are facing and skills they need, the impact of technology on the practice, the evolving rules of IC, and the convergence and integration of communication disciplines.”


You could start with Breaking the rule of Engagement: New Opportunities For Internal Communications



Lise’s recommendations


“If I have to choose one, I’d say Research Conversations, by the Institute for Public Relations. This blog features articles written by top communication practitioners, instructors and researchers. They cover all topics related to PR in general and many are specific to internal/ employee communication.”



2. Marginalia Online - Future of Work Magazine


Marginalia is full insights, stories and information about the future of work to help you stay ahead. Remember to see their communication category as well.


Marginalia was founded by Gloria Lombardini. In May of 2019 Ei completed the acquisition of Marginalia with Ei, CEO James Murphy acting as Editor-in-Chief. 


What is the blog about


The publication examines the new ecosystem of work from innovation, communication and leadership point of view. You can find articles regarding digital transformation, digital workplace, intranet, engaged employees and much more.




3. All Things IC



The author of this blog is Rachel Miller who helps professional communicators to improve their knowledge of internal communication.


She is a regular keynote speaker, awards judge and have contributed to a number of books.


What is the blog about


The blog is truly about all things related to internal communications. It is a must read for all industry professionals. You could start with “What IC Professionals are talking about”.


Rachel’s recommendation for a blog to follow


“I recommend following PR Place because the articles are always worth reading. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge or PR and Comms, their Friday round-up post is a great way to discover new views, voices and blogs to follow.”


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4. Redefining Communications


Redefining Communications is a consultancy directed by Jenni Field who has over 13 years of experience in the communications industry.


What is the blog about


 Among others This blog post includes six predictions regarding content related to internal communications, very interesting!The blog covers topics from communication to business strategy to digital adoption.


As an example You could start with How do you achieve great communication in a multi site organization.


Jenni's recommendations for a blog to follow


"The two places I go to the most are PR Place and Influence because they aggregate content from across the web which is really helpful."






Since the launch of “The Ragan Report” in 1970, Ragan has been leading publisher of corporate communications, public relations and leadership development newsletters.


What is the blog about


Ragan’s internal communications category is a vast source of practical advice and well written information about managing Internal Communication challenges.

A good post to start with could be How employee-first writing ramps up the internal communications. 


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