Top 3 Large Enterprise Use Cases for Workplace Digital Signage

August 31, 2018


In this post, I would like to share how our largest enterprise Customers are using Valotalive, what kind of workplace communications challenges they are facing and which are the top 3 use cases based on the impact to their business. 


Valotalive is targeting to be a category leader in workplace digital signage by 2020. Our service empowers employees with relevant information via data-driven info screens. We are very proud to work with best of breed Finnish enterprise Customers such as Neste and Wärtsilä.


As a background for this post - Let's start with few thoughts about the digital workplace megatrend which is making our service relevant for the enterprises in the digital world.


Digital Workplace


With employees able to work from anywhere in the world, the traditional office is changing to a digital workplace that stimulates collaboration and creativity. In fact, the digital workplace can have a major impact on the employee experience by ensuring that relevant communication reaches all employees, not just the office workers, via omni-channel and interactive communication solution.

According to Gartner in their Rebirth of the Office Space report: “within the Digital Workplace domain the office space is increasingly being used to drive cultural change, attract talent, drive innovation and improve productivity, requiring CIOs to adjust their approach to the workspace.”


Workplace Communication Challenges


Digital workplace megatrend underlines the fact that your own employees are the most important stakeholder group for every enterprise. Employees really come first.


In May 2018, we spent a half day with our largest customers from manufacturing vertical, Neste and Wärtsilä.

Workplace Digital Signage Content Strategy: A Beginner's guide + free template 


We brainstormed about the employee communications challenges they have identified within their organizations. We summarised the different challenges into a group of three that are:


  1. Targeting of the employee communication within the global organization

  2. Employee engagement in the environment where “information overload” is new normal

  3. Reaching all the employees from HQ to production plants.




Top 3 High Impact Digital Signage Use Cases for Workplace Communications 



How Valotalive can help to solve the main workplace communication challenges? Let's break down how to address each challenge and business impact generated in more detail.


1. Targeting of the employee communication [Case: Wärtsilä]


The Target


Wärtsilä is a global advanced technology company with a clear vision of highly targeted internal and external communication using digital signage. The information must be globally localized - showing global and local information on the big part of their 200+ locations and reaching most of their 18.000 employees in three continents.


The Solution


Customer created a global digital signage network structure using Valotalive platform´s enterprise content management features. The solution consists of global internal and external dimensions.  Global internal dimension has five different communication levels including; global, country, city, location, screen -levels. With the Valotalive flow and display management features the customers can create a targeted communication channel based on tagging the information flows with communication levels. Information flows include both centrally managed automated content and highly localized manually created content.


The Impact 


The main business benefit comes through the empowered employees which are enabled by targeted content management and publishing structure. Valotalive enables Wärtsilä to communicate what is relevant to their employees on a global level. In addition, the solution saves time and money reducing manual work from global and local content managers which is based on automated content pulled from multiple data sources.


2. Employee engagement with data [Case: Neste]


The Target


Neste has refineries in Porvoo, Naantali, Rotterdam, and Singapore. Following up the production utilization rate is a strategic KPI for Neste. The target was to offer real-time & easy to understand visualization for Neste organization, from top management to employees at the office and in the refineries.


The Solution


Valotalive built a Neste Utilization Rate App that visualizes the data based on forecasted and actual utilisation at Neste production sites. The application automatically retrieves the data from Neste and updates the information by rewriting the layout on info screens accordingly.



 The Impact


Growing employee engagement around production utilization key priority. Data visualization on info screens concept encourages Neste teams to achieve the utilization targets since they can measure performance between production sites and teams.

"The real time and transparent KPIs guides our operation into a positive direction. The biggest benefit in these visualized indicators has been that the company key targets are made visible to everyone. Reliability of data and the impact of reporting on work and performance has gained a new meaning"


-Jatta Pakkanen from Neste Corporate Communications.

Use Case 3: Reaching all the employees from HQ to production plants [Case: Wärtsilä]


The Target


Wärtsilä has set a corporate level target of achieving zero lost time injuries. The target of the long-term commitment is to strengthen a safety culture, requiring actions from all Wärtsilä employees. The results are reviewed monthly by the Board of Management.


The Solution


Valotalive built a data visualization application in cooperation with Wärtsilä that presents the strategic enterprise health & safety (EHS) information on Wärtsilä’s info screens globally. The application automatically visualizes data in an easy to understand format. The information is globally localized - showing global and local information on their sites.



The Impact 


Main business benefits are reduced downtime in production lines, reduced absence from work and improved health & safety record. The EHS application is running on Wärtsilä’s global info screens. In addition, the embed (interactive) version of it is running also on the Intranet. Using both applications Wärtsilä is able to reach all employees globally with this information.


Are you new to Valotalive? In that case you can create your account for free here to start your free trial for data driven workplace communication.



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