5 Predictions into the future of internal communications content

August 14, 2018



Curious to know what will be shaping the content in internal communications? We present the top 5 Predictions into the future of internal communications content.


Katie Macaulay is the Managing Director of the UK’s longest established Communications Agency AB. We have summarized the Future of content keynote She gave at the AB Thinks Live event 2018.


5 predictions into into the future of internal communications content according to Katie Macaulay are:



1. Attention needs to be earned


Why is it so hard to reach, both physically and mentally, all employees? There’s the fact that the employees do not owe us their attention. We are competing with sports news, social media updates...all the other information that is around us and relevant for them.  


We will be communicating with people on devices and times of their choosing, not ours. The attention needs to be earned.



2. Internal Communicators will find more sophisticated ways of analyzing their target audience


Imagine the types of tools and insights marketers have for analyzing and targeting their messages to the specific audiences. This will take place in internal communications as well (sex, age, location, length of service, title…)


The difference being that in internal communications compared to marketing we have more freedom to ask employees for further details!



3. Internal Communication will move from interruption to permission


When we use data to target and segment audiences in better ways, we can create more powerful connections. Connections, bonds and common interests can lead people to subscribe and follow our internal content. Content that is relevant, anticipated and personal.



4. The line between internal and external will become increasingly blurred


Today’s workplace is transparent, participative and peer driven. The demand to become increasingly transparent blurs the line between internal and external content.


We see companies showing their live employee engagement scores and KPIs on info screens in their lobbies as an example.



5. There will be flight to quality


There will be more quality and less commodity. Genuinity is the key. The audiences value authenticity. As an example clever organizations use genuine employee storytelling to tell their story internally or market their products and services.


Take a look at #badstockphotosofmyjob on Twitter as an example of inauthentic content. In providing high quality stories, journalistic skills will regain their importance.

We first heard about this keynote from Jennie Field at Redifining Communications. Thank you Jennie for sharing the content.

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