Workplace communication future trends

September 27, 2018

How is workplace communication changing? What’s the tone of communication, what about datavisualisation or content automation…?


Here are the top trends of the workplace communication.



1. Authenticity & Transparency


Being true to who you are


Today’s audiences value authenticity, may they be employees of the company or public audience, the customers. Genuinity is the key.


Take a look at #badstockphotosofmyjob on Twitter as an example of inauthentic content. In providing high quality stories, journalistic skills will regain their importance.



Clever organizations use genuine employee storytelling to tell their story internally or market their products and services. For Internal communication to positively affect employee engagement it needs to be authentic.



Driving transparency in the organisation


Is transparency the new norm?

Being open about company matters and transparent about company metrics pays off. Transparency breeds engaged employees. LinkedIn, lead by its CEO Jeff Weiner, is an example of the company that is known to foster a transparent company culture. Is transparency the new norm?


How to drive transparency and employee engagement with digital signage?




2. Workplaces are becoming smart - communication and information is “built in”


The physical workplace, the standard offices have been under tremendous changes in the past and we will keep seeing more of this in the future. There is the need to provide community like office spaces that support collaboration & transparency. At the same time office spaces should enhance creative thinking and provide green and quiet areas that help to focus.


We'll see office spaces where information is "built in", the information is received in new ways.

The most of all we’ll see office spaces where information is “built in”. Offices are becoming smart.


Employees are empowered with a flow of relevant, real-time information. The information will find the right people. Employees will receive this through different devices and screens like mobile, digital info screens or perhaps new digital surfaces, like smart windows or touch walls.


Meet the Edge, Deloitte Amsterdam office, an example of a smart Office that will know where you are, what car you are driving and where you are working. (image credit to OVG real estate)




3. Datavisualisation - Engage employees with data


Email is so 2014...


Keeping employees informed with relevant and engaging communication has real impact on bottom line results. Companies that are effective in communication are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their peers.


Communicators are looking into answering the question “How are we doing doing right now” in a visual way.


There’s a good reason why communicators are looking into answering the question “How are we doing doing right now” in a visual way. Visual communication and datavisualisation can help to make sure the information is relevant and is something that drives action.


Visual and Realtime KPIs guide operations in Neste




Neste, a company that produces, refines and markets oil products globally,  uses live Utilization Rate Applications on info screens throughout company facilities. Apps visualize the data based on forecasted and actual utilisation at Neste production sites. "The realtime and transparent KPIs guide operations into positive direction", according to Jatta Pakkanen, from Neste Corporate Communications



Being able to see the high-level, real-time status of the important KPIs across the organization, from Sales to Delivery to Support, will empower effective decision making at all levels. At the same time it will create a sense that we employees are all in this together.



4. Communication Integrations

Integrations enable communicators to repurpose relevant content to make sure messages reach their audience and drive action.



Automating and aligning digital communication channels


Social Media, Press and news releases, different business systems and collaboration tools are the applications where the most relevant internal communication content can be found today. Seamless integration between business applications is needed to align all digital communication channels. Integrations enable communicators to repurpose relevant content in multiple ways to make sure the messages reach their audience and drive action.


Take it from GE -  Internal communication will integrate with external comms


It is not just technological integrations that is taking place in the workplace communication domain. Internal communication is integrating with external communications.


According to Forbes GE is communicating to its employees about the big changes first. This helps them to understand the impact on personal level of any change and provide context. “In doing so, they've built a culture that is open and transparent and have been able to translate that into the external domain.”

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