How to drive transparency and employee engagement with digital signage

October 30, 2018


I have to admit that I'm pretty excited to write this blog as the topic is at the very core of what this is all about; driving employee engagement with live, visual data at the workplace.

Make it everyone’s business - top execs, managers, teams, everyone should feel the ownership of continuously improving the engagement in everyday situations and with everyday decisions. Making the data transparent is a great first step on this journey.


Olli-Pekka Saksa, Vice President, Futurice

How is Futurice driving transparency and employee engagement? Keep on reading to find out.



Employee engagement benefits


Keeping employees informed and engaged has real impact on bottom line results. An engaged employee is highly committed to the organization, is satisfied with the job and will perform at her best. Companies that are effective in communication are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their peers¹.


Build, improve & measure


The key to employee engagement is to communicate a sense of purpose, create a company culture that shows respect to employees and fosters engagement in continuously improving the levels of engagement². Smart companies focus on the factors that drive organizational success, ask for constant feedback and measure employee engagement levels.



Futurice is measuring the vibe around the office


With its roots in software and open source, Futurice helps unleash innovation through digital product design and build, emerging technology, agile software development, lean organisational change.


The company is known for its positive company culture and has won the award for the Best place to work in Europe twice (GPtW 2012, 2013).


Futurice is using employee engagement software to measure the overall satisfaction, vibe and engagement around the company. Employees are replying to biweekly feedback surveys online using software called Officevibe. The tool collects live feedback and measures engagement on various levels.



Driving transparency and engagement with digital signage


Futurice uses digital signage displays powered by Valotalive in their internal communication around the offices. The displays show, among others, live employee engagement data in a visual format to all employees.



Adding visibility:


"We have received positive feedback for adding visibility for Officevibe scores with Valotalive", says Olli-Pekka Saksa, Vice President, Futurice





"People happiness and engagement is now followed the same way as financial figures. The financial data has been transparent to everyone for a long time already." Click to Tweet the quote


"After taking Officevibe into use and being able to receive real tangible data from the culture and people point of view, we didn’t hesitate to make also that data visible to everyone in the company (as well as for our guests & clients who visit our premises). We want to show how we are doing, what works, and where there is room for improvement.", continues Olli-Pekka



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¹ Willis Towers Watson - 2013 -2014 Change and Communications ROI Study

² Forbes, Joseph Folkman May 18 2017 - According to research here's the single key to employee engagement

















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