Introducing "Next Level" - The 2018 global report of business value of good internal communication

November 6, 2018


We'd like to introduce you the latest global report on international communication called The Next Level provided by IC Kollectif. 


The link to the report can be found below in this post.


“At a global level, communication functions are 100 percent integrated. I personally believe that the days of internal and external communications silos are over.”


Guy Britt, Global Head of Internal Communications, Ikea

The Next Level global report, 2018

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The Next Level examines the business value of good internal communication. The report was published late September 2018.



Who is behind the report?


IC Kollectif is a non-profit organization based in Montreal Canada. They are “promoting and advancing the strategic practice of internal communication”.


The report is based on:

  • Interviews with 33 communication professionals and executives from 25 countries from 20 industries

  • Contributions from several teachers and researchers

  • The results of a global open-question survey

  • Testimonials from C-suite members

  • A review of published surveys and research reports.


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What it is about?


The report itself has been divided into three sections.


Section I - Perceptions


The first section investigates the value of internal communication from executives’ point of view. What is the position of Internal Communication, whether and why CEOs value internal communication...


Section II - Inside Companies


As the section name hints the internal communication leaders and practitioners talk openly about what IC looks like in their world.


There are interview with executives and Internal Communication leads from global companies, such as Ikea, Tata or thyssenkrup Elevators and many others.


Section III - The license to operate


The last section provides different type of research and tools 

  • to link communication to business results

  • to cover topics such as C-suite expectations

  • to align communication with corporate goals

  • to address how internal communication can be measured



Why should you care?


It’s a report worth to read.


They are discussing the latest challenges and opportunities that take place around Internal Communication in 2018.


There’s the emphasis on internal communication’s value regarding business and the blurred lines between internal and external communications.


"Only with a clearly communicated strategy in line with the company's goals and initiatives will internal communication receive the recognition it so richly deserves."


Luis Ramos, Head of Communications, thyssenkrupp Elevator

The Next Level global report, 2018


Along the theories and hard facts from research there are some easy to read lists as well, including:


  • 10 best-in-class practices in Employee Communication

  • The 22 factors of success


The report is 160 pages long, so it does take some time to tackle it. But it’s definitely worth taking a look at. We found the case studies to be one of the most interesting aspect of it.



We are still diving in to the last details of the report. There will be a short summary of the findings later this year, so stay tuned.



Where can you download the report?


It’s published on the IC Kollectif web pages. You can follow this link to find it. Downloading is free, but requires registering.


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