Introduction to Digital Signage industry

November 13, 2018


What is digital signage?


Businesses of different kind are all looking into new ways of reaching and engaging with their target audience, may that be their customers or own employees.


Digital displays in workplace, retail stores or around urban areas are a great asset to reach the specific audience with an impact. Typically the displays in the signage network can be centrally managed and controlled, making digital signage a scalable tool for communicators and advertisers.


In this blog we’ll give you a high level overview to digital signage industry, the benefits of digital signage and the three main categories around the industry.


A Beginner's Guide to Workplace Digital Signage Content Strategy 



The benefits of digital signage  


One of the key benefits in digital signage as a medium, regardless the use case,  is that the content can be triggered and highly targeted to engage the audiences.


The content on the display can be triggered based on different events such as the time of the day or can be targeted with the accuracy of an individual display based on the target audience.


The business impact can vary from increased employee engagement to increased sales depending on the use case. We’ll cover those next.



The three main subsegments of digital signage


While there are several applications to use of digital signage and several ways to categorize the industry, it’s easy to identify the three main sub segments that we’d like to introduce to you.


Workplace digital signage


Digital Signage in the workplace can help businesses to reach their target audiences in an environment where the “information overload” is the new normal. We see companies successfully implementing channels that communicate real time information and visual KPIs to guide operations into a positive direction.


Workplace digital signage can help to:


Learn from the failures


Businesses have prior experience from investing in digital signage in the workplace. In many cases they have ended up with a new communication channel that fails to communicate relevant content and lacks the resources to keep the content alive and up to date.


Stay relevant


Many companies have learned their lessons the hard way. The first and foremost best practice is that the content updates to digital signage screens should be automated as much as possible. This helps to stay relevant for the audience.


The technology has leaped


The technology behind the solutions has developed with big leaps from the past. The next generation platforms have vast integration capabilities to different business systems, making smart and targeted content automation and datavisualization possible.  


Companies have successfully utilized the next generation of digital signage in the workplace to reach their target audiences, to drive transparency & to increase employee engagement.

FURTHER READING: Want to know more about workplace digital signage? Get familiar with how to plan your content strategy.

Outdoor digital signage


Outdoor digital signage is something that you can see outside or indoors in public spaces. The displays are typically used for brand building, advertising or serving the public needs - transportation timetables as an example.


JCDecaux and Clear Channel Outdoor are, most likely, the two largest outdoor advertising corporations in the world. They make sure their customers, the advertisers, can reach the masses of audiences, more than half a billion people per day.


This area of the industry is also called digital out-of-home advertising.




Digital signage in retail is used to enhance the customer experience and to connect the online and offline worlds in best cases. The digital displays can provide new and different type of touchpoints to the retailers.


Retail digital signage can help:

  • Increase in store foot traffic

  • Save operational costs

  • Increase sales


There is a vast amount of both local and global solution and service providers to offer various digital signage, smart shopper and customer engagement solutions to retailers.


Getting started


In case you’d like to learn more from workplace digital signage. The suggested next step is to get familiar with how to plan your content strategy.


We'll follow up later with a post that dives into the details of digital signage solution components, so stay tuned.


FURTHER READING: Want to know more about workplace digital signage? Get familiar with how to plan your content strategy.

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