Digital Signage Checklist - The Top 5

December 4, 2018

 Checklist to follow when reviewing your content strategy 


Mind the checks


What is the secret of those companies that have had long term success with Workplace Digital Signage? It’s the checks… and we are not talking about hockey here.


You can be a superstar too:


This checklist is here to ensure that your media is engaging and working according to your plan, especially if your digital signage network has been running as it is for a year or two.


Use the steps below to make sure all is good and you are on the way to becoming a communication superstar using digital signage.


Read below our 5 point checklist including 9 action points that we have prepared for you.




Just do it


Going through the checks does not take much of your time when you are using this guide.


Make sure you book that time and involve the necessary people from your team and your digital signage service provider to pick their brain.


Action Point #1:


Your first task is now to put that placeholder in your calendar for going through these checks with your team. Book 1 hour for this.


Your agenda for the meeting is below. Easy.


Just do it! So, let’s get started.




1 Check on your audience


Remember how you have documented you content strategy? Now is a good time to pull out that plan again from that drawer.


Think about your audience. What is your audience’s experience with Digital Signage;


  • Do they like it and is it relevant?

  • Does it create impact? What type?

  • How does it work along with other channels?

  • What about the content - should there be something more, something less?


Action Point #2


Do a customer survey. Ask your audience how is it going with the digital signage. Ask for some feedback using the questions above.




Google forms is a great (and free) tool do the actual survey and collect those answers. There are also many other survey tools available. Here’s a good blog to see more about those.




2 Check on your business drivers


Now that your target audience is aligned, It’s good to remind yourself and the team; Why are we doing this again?


Reflect on you plan and identify what has been the leading content or that number one priority for your company to use digital signage for the past six months.


Is that still valid?


Example #1


You wanted to drive health & safety as the number one priority with digital signage. Is it still valid or has there been a change in your company strategy and should you put more focus on the transformation communication?


Example #2


You took on digital signage in order to drive adoption for the new intranet. Should you keep that focus or is there something else regarding business that would require more screen time on your digital displays throughout the company?


Action Point #3


Update your business drivers, if necessary, in your plan


Action Point #4  


Adjust the content importance (weights) in your network accordingly to make sure digital signage is serving the business needs in the best possible ways.

3 Check for new apps

Digital Signage apps work as a great asset  


Modern digital signage services develop on a constant basis and make new apps available.


What is an app? An app integrates to a specific data source to pull and display content automatically to digital signage screens.


With new apps you can:

  • Serve new content to your audience and be even more relevant


  • Serve content with new layouts and animations and catch the attention of the audience in new ways


In short:


New apps always mean new possibilities and can work as a great asset to enhance the experience for your digital signage audience.


Action Point #5


Login to your service and look for new apps that are available there for you. If they are relevant to your target audience, activate and go live.

4 Check on your theme

Just changing the main colors in a theme can have a big impact - Give your content a personal makeover 


It is important to reflect your company brand on your digital signage content. A theme is the tool to do this. It is the branded font and colour settings for your content.


Your theme should to be updated if there have been any changes in the company brand and visual guidelines.


Up-to-date refreshments:


You should also consider a facelift to the theme in any case as it is a great asset to raise the attention and refresh the entire digital signage network. Give your content a personal makeover.


It can be as easy as updating colors and still keeping the connection to the brand identity.


Action Point #6


See if your company’s brand guidelines give some room for using different colors in your themes. Update the team and enjoy the new looks of your digital signage content

5 Check on your targeting

Less is more. So think about the following:

  • Does it make sense to schedule some of the content to be shown only in the morning, or perhaps later in the afternoon?


With timing you can make “room” to your displays, content wise. This makes it possible to highlight specific content at specific times and avoid clutter.


Action Point #7


Look for one app that could be set to be on a schedule, instead of being constantly on, in your digital signage network



Display Groups & Target audiences


Are there any significant changes in your audience groups? Can you identify some new teams that would benefit from the service?


Action Point #8


Go through your main display groups against your target audiences. Identify the needs for any adjustments, including new teams should there be any.


Well done! You are there.


Action point #9


Book your follow up time for the checks. The suggested period of time to go through this checklist is every six months.




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