Can User Generated Content on Digital Signage Drive More Engagement?

December 11, 2018

What is user generated content


In short, user generated content (images, text, videos, testimonials...) is created by the end users of an online service, such as enterprise communication platforms or even digital signage.


Your 5 Step Checklist for Digital Signage Content Strategy



What are the benefits of user generated content


Making it possible for users to create content can establish an emotional bond with the used media and increase engagement. There is a certain feeling of authenticity and relevance built in.

What do your target audience Really want to see?


Content created by peers is more influential than brand created content states Reevoo according to their study. 




Why do communication teams look into user generated content?
Employees value authenticity. Genuinity is the key in today’s communication.
Clever organizations use genuine employee storytelling to tell their story. They also provide platforms where employees can share their opinions.
There are vast amount of different networking and communication platforms that enterprises (and consumers) use for messaging and discussions around the office - as seen in the image below.

The Conversation Prism by Brian Solis and Jess3



Some popular platforms for enterprise communication are Yammer and Slack as an example. Happeo is an example of the a modern platform for G-Suite customers.


Amplify user Generated content with Digital Signage


Many companies are looking for new ways to display user generated content such as announcements, discussions and employee praises throughout the office on digital displays. The objective is to increase employee engagement and drive adoption for the particular platform.


Yammer on Digital Signage can amplify their employees voice.




With digital signage along with modern integration apps companies can amplify their employees voice and promote user generated content in a smart way, without an extra effort. 


A clever use case from manufacturing is to make it possible for employees to post messages directly to digital signage using their mobile phones:


  • Peer to peer communication

  • create that bond with the selected media

  • Ask to include photos and form a "corporate private instagram" 


Is your company leveraging user generated content already? What type of use cases have you identified?

Drive transparency and Employee Engagement

in your organisation with Digital Signage


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