How to Build an Engaged Audience with Digital Signage in Corporate Communications

December 18, 2018


How to build a following, a loyal audience of fans and brand advocates?


If you are looking into setting up a digital signage network for your company’s corporate communication or you are already deep into managing that media, you might be looking for ways to engage that audience.


In today’s blog I want to talk about building that engaged audience and how to do that with digital signage.


Be strategic about it


It is possible to grow and nurture your audience for digital signage AND it does not require much time and work.


--> Some smart thinking, without additional work, will get you far.


Your engagement strategy should include the following elements. 


1. Leading content 

2. Supporting content

3. Content quality

4. Measure and adjust


We'll go through each item below. Give some focus on engagement using these steps.



Leading content


There should be one or two, not more, leading content types (Transformation Communication, KPIs,  Company top news etc.) in your digital signage flow.




These are those that are important for the audience and most likely included in your communication plan as well.


Outstanding content is not the finish line, it's the starting line

- Mark Schaefer, keynote speaker, blogger


Supporting content


Supporting content is something that can break the daily rhythm in a positive way (Social media, News, Hockey Scores) and provide fresh changes to the viewers.




But be cautious:


With Digital Signage you need to be very strict about the quality and amount of the content you are having on the displays.


Try to keep the amount of content to a minimum, to give that leading content the screen time it deserves and needs to be found.



Focus on quality, not quantity:


A content with good quality includes one or all of the following elements:




Measure and adjust


Evaluate how engaged your audience is. Give your digital signage network a regular health check.


Track metrics that matter. You can build a strategy of how to nurture and grow your audience from there:


  • Ask your audience for a feedback.

  • Evaluate what content has been working.

  • Get to know your audience - talk to your peers, ask for verbal feedback



In case you'd like to lear more about building a content strategy for digital signage, you can take a look at our guide here.



If you are interested in measuring and adjusting your existing content strategy, you can use our checklist to help you in doing so.



Next week we'll continue to talk more about building an engaged audience and how being regular can be really powerful tool. Stay tuned.



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