Workplace Digital Signage Predictions for 2019

December 31, 2018



What will be hot in workplace digital signage during the coming year? What will the trends be?


We have discussed with the customers and industry peers, we have read about the latest developments in internal communication and digital signage industry and have spiced this up with our views resulting in the following summary for workplace digital signage predictions for 2019.


Digital signage will play a part in areas such as transformation communication, strategy communication, and sustainability communication around the workplace.


Team specific displays in an increase


One size does not fit all, content-wise. Employees will expect more targeted and timely content that informs and provides further value. Responding to the growing needs of their audience will require communication teams to check on their toolset and the settings of their communication channels.


We have seen companies install more team-specific displays around the office targeted to a specific team or business unit and dedicated to one or two content sources.


The content on these kinds of displays usually has a more direct link to the day-to-day work of the teams. These displays present as an example business specific data visualizations, dashboards, and team-specific communication such as news.


Strategy, transformation, and sustainability communications tap into digital signage



Comms and HR professionals will be adding digital signage to their communication plans with an increasing role. Digital signage will play a part in areas such as transformation communication, strategy communication, and sustainability communication around the workplace.


Digital signage can help reach new audiences, such as frontline workers. Visualizations, animated layouts, and in short summaries help to communicate where we are right now.



Integrations to business systems on accelerated growth


Communication and the daily dialogue between teams, business units or even companies are on the move from e-mail to team collaboration systems like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Yammer.


Therefore a lot of internal content and relevant daily information will be created inside these applications.


Communication teams are now looking into the opportunities of repurposing this content to make it work for them.


All the above-mentioned use cases require further integrations to business systems. We will see an acceleration in connections from workplace digital signage platforms to relevant business applications, Slack, Teams or Yammer as an example.


More and more content displayed on digital signage displays around the office is live, repurposed and automated.



Digital Signage meets office design


The importance of color is one of the rising trends in office design for 2019.


As digital signage displays are the windows to the virtual world of the business they are being installed into the physical space. Workplace design and interior design of the offices is something that cannot be causally bypassed during the planning and setup.


The content on these displays needs to match the colors and style of the offices when providing the digital pulse of the company to employees and guests.


We will see more focus, not only on the setup of the hardware but on the theme, brand and colors of the content layout to match company's brand policies and the surrounding office environment and design.



Consumption & subscription-based pricing will take over


While many still offer long-term license based contracts, we will see scalable pay-as-you-go usage-based subscriptions demanded by the customers and offered by the modern service providers.


Consumption based pricing will be the trending pricing model from 2019 onwards in workplace digital signage.


Even larger companies, as customers, are becoming more familiar with subscription-based services that offer before unseen flexibility.


Here are some reasons why we will see this trend take over in digital signage pricing as well:


Access not ownership


It is not necessary for businesses as customers to own the licenses of the software they are using, but rather to have access to the service and value it brings.


Frequent update, the latest product in use


Subscription based services rely on the fact that they need to earn the customer’s loyalty each month. With subscriptions products and services are constantly updating to ensure customers will have the newest and latest product in use.


Attractive pricing model


Subscriptions offer different models and there’s the freedom for the customer try different services and pay for what you use. Subscriptions offer flexibility that scales up and down according to customers needs.




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