The Communication Paradox

January 21, 2019

The story of the janitor & JFK at NASA



President John F. Kennedy visited the NASA space center back in 1962, a year after his famous “To put the man on the moon” speech.


During his visit, he interrupted his tour and walked over to a man, who was mopping the floor, and said: “Hi I’m Jack Kennedy, what are you doing?”


“Well Mr. President, I’m helping put a man on the moon,” said the janitor, before rushing back to his work.


The janitor was not just cleaning but was a man who felt he was part of something bigger, making history.



Going the extra mile



To go the extra mileYou are willing to make an extra effort to do or achieve something.


When employees see the big picture, believe it and understand their role in it, engagement happens.


Engaged employees are committed, enthusiastic about their work and tend to go the extra mile.


Going extra mile means increased productivity for the entire organization, that will lead to better bottom line results while outperforming the competition.



Open and social organizations need more information



Communication plays a crucial part in strategy execution and employee engagement.


Effective internal communications convey a clear description of “What is going on right now”.


But it’s not all that simple:


Communications professional Sarah Hall from Sarah Hall Consulting addressed a common challenge that we are facing today in terms of communications and employee engagement:


"Fast based digital transformation brings more competition and a rapidly changing business environment."


To address this she states;


“There’s an increasing expectation for organizations to be open and transparent, and organizations are striving to become social.


The shift to social organizations is a huge opportunity for IC.”


The Communication paradox



If you take an honest look at what is happening around us and sum that up, we can easily come to the conclusion that there’s a paradox that the communication professionals are facing;


  • The pace of business, communication... everything... is increasing

  • The employees require more information to be communicated to feel informed

  • There’s the demand to translate surrounding complexity to internal simplicity


In other words;


Increasing communication channels, increasing demand for information and keeping it simple while things around us get complicated.


Talk about demanding job?!



Do you feel it too?



Are we in the middle of communication paradox as described? Leave a comment and let me know whether you think so too?


Can you see the pace of business increasing, how does that effect communications at your organization?


I'll be really interested to hear what the members of Valotalive community have to say about the increasing demands by their target audience.




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