The Top 5 Internal Communication Channels in 2019 reader survey results

January 29, 2019

We pulled a quick reader survey the other week to find out what might be the top 5 internal communication channels in 2019.


While the data might not represent a global state of IC channels, it’s still very interesting to see how the different communication channels are perceived by you and your peers in Valotalive blog community.


Editor’s note: 


If you are disagreeing with the results, take a look back and remind yourself if you replied to the survey. If you did, and still feel like that, then you are free to leave a comment that your peers are wrong. *Wink*




The results


We provide you the top 5 internal communication channels according to you, our trusted readers.


  1. Team Messaging / Collaboration (Yammer, Facebook, Slack and the like)

  2. Human to human

  3. Email

  4. Intranet (Social or not so social)

  5. Digital Signage

Top 5 communication channels according to weighted points based on placements according to our reader survey in 2019.





Behind the top 5 were these communication channels: company newsletter, videos, mobile app, employee discussion forum, and podcasts.








Team Messaging vs. human to human


While team messaging got the highest score in our survey, one would assume human to human communication is still the dominant communication channel in companies globally (don’t have any data on that though). But we could expect companies to adopt new team messaging channels, Teams, Yammer, Slack, and others at an increasing speed.





I must say I was a bit surprised to see email to be as high on the list as it is. My first thoughts were - Email, really!? But then again it could be that something like 99% of the businesses uses email globally. Email still might enjoy the high support of many executives.



Intranets (Social or not so social)


Most organizations have intranets. The role of the intranet has been transforming from the one-stop source of content towards a social network within the company. In the books of many communicators, the social intranet is the foundational element of the digital workplace to inform and connect the global workforce.



Digital Signage


Digital Signage tends to be higher up on this list in businesses with many non-desk workers, as it is a crucial tool to reach all employee groups.


At the same time, digital signage is gaining overall importance as a communication channel in the workplace. Communication teams are including digital signage and data-driven communication in transformation, strategy, and sustainability communication plans.


Digital Signage is a tool that is mostly used in amplifying and repurposing internal communication content and in empowering employees with data.




Do you agree with the list?


We now know for (almost) a fact the top 5 internal communication channels for 2019. But I'd really like to know what you guys think about this. Do you agree with the top 5 list? Have you recently implemented new communication channels, what are your experiences?


Please leave a comment below as I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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