13 Things to know about Workplace Digital Signage

February 5, 2019

Do you have questions about digital signage? Take a look:
We have received quite a few questions about digital signage in general, getting started, business side, optimising... 
If you are looking to implement a new solution, adjust existing one or are somewhere in between, have a look around.
We reply to the 13 most common questions with links to find further detailed information. 
1. What is digital signage?


Digital displays in the workplace, retail stores or around urban areas are a great asset to reach the specific audience with an impact. Typically the displays in the signage network can be centrally managed and controlled, making digital signage a scalable tool for communicators and advertisers.


Digital Signage in the workplace can help businesses to reach their target audiences in an environment where the “information overload” is the new normal.


Read more in Introduction to Digital Signage industry.

2. How much does digital signage cost?


Digital Signage for the workplace is made of some different components. They usually are:


  • Digital Signage Software with dynamic content

  • The media players

  • Network

  • Displays

  • Installations (if needed)


Software is one of the most important pieces of your solution. Digital Signage platform needs to be able to reply to your needs to make the project successful.


Make sure that the service includes the content apps (integrations) that connect to your favourite business systems. This way you are able to be sure to show the relevant information to your target audience.


As an example about pricing, Valotalive workplace digital signage service starts from 8 € / mth / display


Read more about pricing in our Workplace Digital Signage Buyer’s Guide


3. What is the business impact of digital signage in internal communications?
The business impact of digital signage consists of three elements:
Digital Signage can help your communication reach all employee groups. Businesses in manufacturing as an example use digital signage to reach non-desk workers around factories to improve workplace safety and productivity.
Retailers, as an example, use digital signage to Increase employee engagement with live data visualizations that encourage teams to reach their targets.
Making the relevant data and insights transparent around the workplace is another great way to boost engagement. Keeping employees informed and engaged has real impacts on bottom line results.
Read more about Workplace Digital Signage
4. What are the use cases of digital signage in internal communications?


We have listed five typical workplace use cases below to inspire and provoke thoughts. This might help you to identify the main drivers for your investment.


Click the link below to read more:


1. Drive transparency with employee engagement scores

2. Communicate in time metrics in visual format to drive action

3. Increase workplace health & safety awareness

4. Drive intranet adoption with digital signage

5. Boost One Company initiatives - break silos

6. Extend the reach of workplace communication to all employee groups


5. How to get started with digital signage content strategy?


Content strategy is the first thing you should put together when starting to plan a digital signage implementation for your business.


Digital signage content strategy helps you outline the plan for a successful implementation and to maximize the impact of the investment. With proper planning, you can also avoid the possible simple mistakes.


There are important topics to content strategy to cover, such as target audience, business drivers, content mapping and much more.


Read more in our Guide to Workplace Digital Signage Content Strategy


6. How to buy digital signage for the workplace?


The best places to start are:


1. The content plan




2. Free Trial after that


We recommend a Free Trial to be used along in your planning process. This gives you more insights and ideas to include in your plans.


Modern digital signage free trials do not require purchasing hardware as you can use your laptop browser on an existing computer in your tests.


As an example, you can get setup your Valotalive free trial in a few seconds.


For more information about buying a digital signage solution for your workplace see our Digital Signage Buyer’s Guide.


Start your 14 Day Valotalive Free Trial - click here


7. What type of content can I show on digital signage?


The main content today, used on digital signage around offices, is dynamic content. Dynamic content means any type of content that updates automatically.


Some examples of dynamic content are data visualizations, KPI dashboards, corporate news pulled from an intranet or press releases and social media updates. The benefit of the dynamic content is that it captures attention and stays in the viewers’ minds.


Other contents that can are commonly used in digital signage are company news as PDF files and Images, or corporate videos. These require manual updating and thus are not recommended as the main content.

8. How to optimize current digital signage solution?

When you have an existing digital signage network up and running, you need to update the concept every six months or so.


We have provided a 5 point checklist to help you optimize the solution.


This checklist is here to ensure that your media is engaging and working according to your plan, especially if your digital signage network has been running as it is for a year or two.


Read more How to optimize the current solution?
9. How fast does the content update on the screens?

To reply to this question we need to understand the “journey” of the data updates.

Original data source 

The original data source sends the new data to the Digital Signage platform. Twitter, as an example, is a real-time data source. The digital signage platform receives new data updates immediately. Dynamic data can come from various sources and thus the rate for the updates can vary from minutes to up to hours. 


Digital Signage platform


Next, the digital Signage platform sends the new data to the media players. Depending on the service provider and digital signage platform this bit can vary from 2 minutes to multiple minutes. Valotalive, as an example, updates the players within every 2 minutes.


10. What are the skills needed to implement a digital signage project?

It’s good for you to identify some of the resources that might be needed along the way. While cloud-based digital signage

  • Communication lead

    • This is someone who “owns” the concept & looks over the content strategy in the long run.

  • Communication manager

    • This is someone who is looking after the digital signage network and oversees that the right content strategy is executed on the daily level.

  • Content editor

    • Someone who might update content manually when there’s the need. A company could have multiple content editors for different target groups.

  • IT

    • Typically the modern digital signage services do not require IT operating on the service (at all even).

  • Installation partner

    • If new displays need to be installed

11. How can I show business data on my displays?

When using digital signage around the offices for workplace communication, you want to make sure your signage platform supports a variety of real-time data integrations for dynamic content.


Modern services have pre-built apps that use data integrations to show dynamic content including business data. You can check here the various integrations that Valotalive supports here.



12. Can users or multiple editors post content on the screens?

If you are using manually posted content on digital signage, it is a good idea to include other content editors or even users (from target audience) as content editors as well to balance the load.


Making it possible for users to create content can establish an emotional bond with the used media and increase engagement. There is a certain feeling of authenticity and relevance built in.


Read more how can you make it possible for employees to post certain messages, in a controlled manner, directly to digital signage using their mobile phones.





13. What are the trends in workplace digital signage right now?


Some of the latest trends in workplace digital signage are:


1. Team specific displays. 


We have seen companies install more team-specific displays around the office targeted to a specific team or business unit and dedicated to one or two content sources.


2. Strategy and Sustainability communications


Digital signage will play a part in areas such as transformation communication, strategy communication, and sustainability communication around the workplace.


3. Integrations to business systems continue to grow


Communication and the daily dialogue between teams, business units or even companies are on the move from e-mail to team collaboration systems like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Yammer.


Read more about the Workplace Digital Signage predictions in 2019



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