ISE 2019 Big Displays, Mixers and Apple Pie

February 12, 2019

 The weather in Amsterdam was'n too bad (at all times)





It was the first time for me to visit ISE (the largest AV and systems integration show in the world) and I must say it's a rather BIG show.


If I recall right the ball park of people attending the show is somewhere between 70 000 - 80 000. Yea.


We took a look around keeping workplace communication in mind. Here are our key findings around ISE, technology and workplace digital signage market in general...and the best Apple Pie in Amsterdam. 




Big, Bright Displays


Everything in the future will be bigger and definitely brighter. We saw beautiful 8K (OLED) displays from various vendors. 4K and 8K, once reasonably priced, make a great platform for displaying different KPIs and dashboards around offices. 


It’s good to remember that great displays require a great platform (and a player) to get the most out of that investment. Dynamic HTML5 content is something that works out of the box where 4K and 8K images and videos are rather expensive to produce.


Other than that there are transparent displays, thin LED film or media tile display walls, so the size will not be a problem in the near future.


How about this LED wall as your team’s news board and KPI dashboard?

Image by Sixteen:Nine


Read more about LED in Dave’s blog




New shapes, new use cases


One interesting note was that we can identify some new use cases for i.e thin dual displays or stretched displays around the office areas to provide live personal or team specific information.


Some of the things we saw are still in the proto phase, like this transparent display in the video below. This example is from Lang displays. 


We’ll provide further information around the new digital workplace concepts while keeping our eyes on those displays. So stay tuned.


Companies with high-engaged workforce are 21% more profitable*


Read more about Workplace Digital Signage and how it is increasingly used in internal communication. 





Software is something we know. Software does not get much attention from all the displays. You can see stands here and there, most of them in Hall 8.


As usual, most of the software and service providers at ISE 2019 were more retail focused, while workplace digital signage is gaining more ground.


The things that are trending in workplace digital signage now are dynamic content with automated updates and integrations to business systems.


We are working on the mentioned areas to develop workplace digital signage further to help increase employee engagement.





Mixer is a networking event provided by Sixteen: Nine publication. Before this, the event has taken place in Las Vegas during the Digital Signage Expo.


Mixer was now brought to Europe and ISE for the first time. It was great to see industry friends and network with new companies and new people. 


We met with participants from Taiwan and India to North America and everything in between.


Here we are with the host of the event, Dave Haynes. Cheers Dave, thanks for having us over!




Digital Signage Awards


We were proud to be nominated as finalists with two cases in the Workplace Communications category.


The judges in 2019 were an international team 28 professionals with long expertise within the industry. 


The event was well organised and to what I heard has seen quite a growth compared to previous years. I'd like to add that they served great food :)







The Workplace Digital Signage market is growing well.


According to Florian Rotberg the chair of ISEs Digital Signage summit, in IBC interview, there’s strong growth in the digital signage market overall.  


“The past twelve months have seen digital signage become a U$7bn industry in EMEA alone. Global sales of large-format commercial displays shot up 21 percent last year to total $14.6 billion.”


The drivers for workplace digital signage growth are:


- Proven use cases around internal communication with real business impact

- Smarter software with integrations to business applications and dynamic content for workplace use

- Displays with improved capabilities and lower costs



The best Apple Pie in Amsterdam


The best for last. We happened to bump into a this nice little cafeteria in downtown somewhere in the Nieuwe Zidje area.


They serve the best apple pie we have ever tasted. Our official council gives definite high recommendations!


The unfortunate event here is that we forgot about the exact address of the place. But we do have a picture of the front for you.


Does anybody know the name or the address of this place? 


Read more about Workplace Digital Signage and how it is increasingly used in internal communication. 






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