Top 3 Digital Signage Apps for Employee Communication

March 5, 2019

For businesses employee communication is key. To reach the organizational goals effectively, it is important that everyone is on board and up to date with what is going on around the business.



Reach employee with digital displays


Digital Signage in the workplace can help businesses to reach their employees in an environment where the “information overload” is the new normal.



Top 3 Digital Signage Apps for employee communication


One of the key functions of digital signage platform is the ability to integrate to different business systems to pull relevant live content and update this automatically to digital displays.


This is the list of the most requested and most used digital signage apps (integrations) in employee communication today.




1. Microsoft Power BI



image copyright Microsoft



What is Power BI?


Power BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft that delivers insights to enable fast, informed decisions. The service provides datavisualization tools that help turn data into insights.



Data driven employee communications


Businesses collect strategic KPIs to craft visualizations around strategic domains, such as:


  • Health & Safety records

  • Production Data

  • Financials & Sales

  • Quality

  • Employee Incentive KPIs


Power BI + Digital signage for employee communication



Insights and visualizations in Power BI are actionable information. But creating a great looking dashboard is not enough. You need to get it in front of the right people in order to drive action.


Companies are now looking for ways to share insightful Power BI reports and dashboards with employees.


Digital Signage integrated with Microsoft Power BI is just the tool for that. This is why Power BI is a highly trending app right now.

Did you know this fact about Power BI?


The foundation has been around longer than you might think. Microsoft built Power Pivot as an add on to Excel in 2010. Power BI uses that tool as its business intelligence engine.


2. Instagram


image copyright Instagram 



Well it’s not just Instagram, we could actually include any of the social media apps here as they are equally under high demand for digital signage.


Instagram happens to be customers favourite because there is always the standard sized image included in the post and this makes it look GOOD on digital signage displays.



Social media is flying high


Businesses post the latest, high flying and relevant updates with images to their social media accounts. Why not use that content in internal communication as well. Tell the employees what is happening right now, without additional work!



Social Media + Digital Signage in employee communication



Companies have been repurposing social media content internally with digital signage now for a while. For some businesses this is still an untapped resource.


Using social media content for employee communications will boost company culture and increase employee engagement.


Using social media with digital signage companies can:


  • Showcase company specific hashtags to boost “one company” culture and drive can do attitude

  • Promoting social media internally can help gain new followers from employees

  • New social media posts work as automated content for internal communication


These are some reasons why companies are increasingly including social media with digital signage in their internal communication plans.

Did you know this fact about Instagram?


According to Wired magazine (in 2016) there are 4.2 Billion likes per day, on average. Jeez, that is a lot of likes!




3. Digital Workplace platforms


image copyright Slack 


3rd on our list are the the digital signage apps that integrate with digital workplace platforms. Again, a highly demanded use case for digital signage.



The cornerstone of employee communication


Digital Workplace platforms are, in many cases, the cornerstone of social employee communication and collaboration. Most company updates and the latest news can be found in these platforms.


Some examples of the common modern platforms are SharePoint, Happeo, Yammer, Teams, Facebook, Slack and the like.



Social employee communication platforms + Digital Signage



New workplace digital signage platforms have ready and secure integrations to digital workplace platforms to automate the latest news to digital displays.


Companies are increasingly integrating their services with digital signage to automate the latest company updates to digital displays throughout the offices to enhance employee communication.



Increase Reach


The objective in these cases is to drive employee engagement and increase digital workplace platform adoption and reach all employees with company news without extra work.


Leveraging social employee communication platforms with digital signage makes it is possible to reach new employee groups.


As an example blue collar workers often do not have direct access to intranet, but digital signage can bring the latest news straight to the factory floors in an easy to consume format.

Did you know this?


According to Perttu Ojansuu, CEO of Happeo, they have recently launched The Internal Communication Podcast. Industry experts chat about relevant topics regarding internal communication in new podcast every month. Tune in here.

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