How to use Digital Signage to unify the organization around values & culture during M&A

March 26, 2019


Amazon + Whole Foods - love at first sight


Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods in 2017 was a big deal. They said it will be a game changer. It was actually looking so good that Whole Foods CEO John Mackey said the partnership was “Love at First Sight”.


But a year later sad stories were surfacing about unhappy and crying staff in Whole Foods. The Wall Street dream come true deal was in crisis. Where did the love go?


According to research by Harvard Business Review, this is an example of a case were Amazon’s efficient data-driven mindset clashed with Whole Foods employee-empowered culture.




Understand the cultural differences


Even big investments may fail to live up to the expectations.


In many cases, it is the lack of communication and cultural differences that are the root cause of the failure.  




Plan to success


To avoid such risks companies are pulling together cultural integration plans led by marketing, communication and HR professionals.


A communication plan, among others, is one of the key elements included in the integration plan.




Communicate constantly


During the integration process companies aim to communicate their goals and objectives in the most transparent way as possible.




Use Digital Tools



One to one and team meetings are some of the most effective ways to communicate with employees before, during and after the merger. In many cases, though it is impossible to meet with all employees face to face.


This is where digital tools, such as intranets, video conferencing team discussion forums and digital signage take place.




Leverage Digital Signage in your communication


We have seen that companies are now including digital signage into their culture communication plans during and after the M&A process.




Step # 1Bring Intranet to new employees immediately using Digital Signage




It might take some time to get the acquired organization onboard to the company-wide intranet.


Make Digital Signage work for you immediately.


Activate your Intranet app to automate the news updates from the intranet to digital displays throughout the offices.


Introduce company brand and culture in a new and agile way to new employees.



Step #2 Use social media to engage and connect




Bring employees closer using social media in employee communication.


Recognise employees, promote brand and product and most of all reinforce company culture with social media channels.


Promote the latest updates live on internal digital signage displays. Internal communication through social media can be a strong tool.



Step #3 Keep employees on track with KPIs




Keep the employees on track and focused tracking successful execution of critical initiatives using digital signage displays to show KPI dashboards.


Take your critical data and KPIs where it matters the most, in front of employees.


Digital Signage can be used to make sure the right dashboards can reach employees in corporate environment.



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