How to Display Google Calendar Live on Digital Signage Around Office

April 3, 2019

In this blog we cover the basics regarding Google Team Calendar, Some Use cases for sharing Google Calendar on Digital Signage displays and the steps to activate your Google Calendar app in Valotalive.
Google Team Calendar


Google Calendar is a great tool to manage shared and joint team calendars.


It is easy to manage this under Google Calendar’s visibility and sharing options. With Google Calendar you can:

  • Share Existing Calendar

  • Create a new team calendar to share

  • Share calendar with a group…



TIP Integrate your project management tool with Google Calendar.


In case you are using a third party project management tool (i.e Asana, Hitask etc) to manage team work, you can integrate with Google Calendar to view your tasks and deadlines there.



2. Sharing Google calendar on Digital Signage


Sometimes there’s a need to share your team calendar on digital screens around the office to ensure easy viewing and to keep everyone on track.


This can be easily done with Valotalive Digital Signage including a Google Calendar App that syncs live with your calendar.


Google Events Timeline simple view - weekly task deadlines

2.1 Use Cases for sharing your calendar on Digital Signage


Some of the typical use cases for sharing a project or a team calendar on office displays can be:


1. Share project deadlines to track team schedules & projects


2. Share communication publishing deadlines to keep everyone in the loop about the coming deadlines.


3. Display reservation calendar to manage shared spaces and room reservations. Keep employees informed of meetings taking place in a specific room


3. Display multiple team member calendars to keep everyone in the loop and track & share who’s doing what and when.


Valotalive Google Calendar app visualises your Google calendar on digital signage in real time. You can either choose a weekly task deadline view or a more detailed rolling week timeline view.


Google Events Timeline view - animated rolling week timeline

Follow these steps to Display your Google Calendar on Digital Signage


Once you have your data in Google Calendar, displaying this live on screen is a breeze.


1. Make sure you have an active Google Calendar account


2. Activate your Valotalive account



If you do not have done so already, you can test Valotalive today as a FREE trial is provided for you.


You will be taken to Valotalive main page. Where you can do many things, but most of all you can find your Google Calendar app icon there.




3. Click on the Google Calendar icon (in grey) in the main page In your Valotalive account 


4. Choose the app of your choice:

Read more about Valotalive Calendar App here


5. Authenticate with Google Sign-In


As one of the first steps you will be asked to authenticate Valotalive with Google Calendar. Authenticate Valotalive with your Google account in the most secure manner using Google authentication (OAuth2.0).


6. Set your preferences


In the app edit view just select from the drop-down menu a calendar or multiple calendars to view on the display. (as shown in the image below)



7. Click ok and save after that



8. Go live


Add your app to a flow or a single display


9. Make sure you have an active display in Valotalive. 


You may test the service with a Chrome Extension display during your free trial.


Later you will need a mediaplayer to connect Valotalive to your displays around your office. You may use any existing display with HDMI. We recommend using professional Full HD or 4K displays.


You have some options to go forward:


Option I You can order the preconfigured, ready-to-go devices straight from Valotalive. Or you can source and manage the Chrome mediaplayers yourself. Valotalive can be found in Chrome Web Store.


Option II You can use Valotalive Extension in case you wish to use any other than Chrome media player.

Valotalive Workplace Digital Signage

You can show live business-related content using Valotalive apps that integrate with the tools you use. You can easily also manage multiple displays to group and target specific content on them. Read more from Valotalive here



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