Fonecta's Minna Tuum on Workplace Communication

April 16, 2019



One of the great parts of my job is that I get to talk with interesting people about their business in general and share thoughts around workplace and internal communications. This time we sat down with Minna Tuum from Fonecta to chat.


As a marketing service house, Fonecta helps companies to improve their digital competitiveness. With Fonecta's range of services, companies can attract the interest of potential customers, effectively direct them to websites or stores, and engage existing customers.


The company employs more than 350 people and has offices in five different locations around Finland. Fonecta’s largest customers include Lähitapiola, Ifolor, Säästöpankki, and City of Espoo.




Adapt communication to the demands of your audience



Minna Tuum is a Marketing Content Manager in Fonecta. She is responsible for both external and internal content marketing. She looks after the content production and writes some content herself as well. Fonecta encourages all their employees to produce content, so a part of Minna’s job is to help her colleagues to bring their expertise to the fore in blog or vlog form.


We discussed the typical challenges in employee communication today.


“The challenges are similar to those our customers are facing in marketing. There is almost an unlimited amount of channels available and we can’t decide on behalf of the audience which ones they want to use. Some channels are more important to some than others but all channels have active users. You have to make sure you use enough communication channels to suit everybody’s needs so you will reach people effectively. You also have to make sure these channels in use are aligned. Adapt your communication to the demands of your audience”, Minna explains.




Valotalive empowers Fonecta’s employees with live content




Digital Signage is one of the current channels that Fonecta is using around their offices for employee communication:

  1. Highlighting company posts from social media internally

  2. Tracking various sales and customer service KPIs on dashboards

  3. Company-wide and local updates about the latest business events and other activities

Fonecta has had earlier versions of digital signage before. Valotalive has been in use for a little less than two years now and the service has brought some improvements to daily communication compared to the past.


“With Valotalive we have seen improvements in the content, partly because we’ve taken a more active role in updating content and partly because it’s easier to get automated content on the screens. I’d say there’s better content than before because it's fresh. With automated social media updates, we get a different view of the daily and weekly events around the company. We see posts on digital signage that our employees might miss otherwise, like stories about our people and stories related to our business. I can definitely recommend Valotalive as a solution to enhance employee communication”, Minna continues.




Minna on top trends in workplace communication




 “We will see more fragmentation in terms of the communication channels. New, before unseen communication channels will show up. As an example, we are looking into deploying Microsoft Teams to possibly replace Slack or Yammer and other channels. But it will not stop there, something new will come along and older channels will eventually die”, she stated.


Minna also expects a further increase in data transparency. “Our management team, as an example, has increased internal communication and transparency inside Fonecta. I’m sure this trend will continue, not only in Fonecta but in all businesses sooner or later.”  (photo by Tomi Parkkonen)


“Third, we will see more engagement among employees. Communication will be open, we will see more employee-generated content and communication will become more of a dialogue. Employees will be engaged on business objectives, company updates, customer actions and the like”, she envisions.




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