Team Displays in the Office Help to Hit the Targets

May 21, 2019



A team display is a digital signage screen placed in the office or on a factory floor that provides highly targeted information to a small group of people, most often a team.


Examples of such teams can be: 

- a specific production line

- IT or parts of it 

- Marketing or parts of it

- Top management

- Different sales teams




Information at a glance


Team display provides at a glance data and information to keep team on the track. The screen aims tells you what’s important and what to focus on by i.e monitoring team performance.


One of the core contents on the display being KPIs for data driven decision to help hit the targets.


In most cases the content has been pulled from various data sources automatically. 




Use any content - but less is more



The content in different screen areas can be anything.


You can use:

- Business Analytic Dashboards such as Microsoft Power BI

- Your team calendar

- Public news i.e AFP news

- Team messaging i.e Yammer 

- Social Media



You can choose the right setup from various layouts. It is important to remember that less is more, focus on your core content and keep your target audience in mind when designing the display.




Keep the KPIs visible


The team display differs from a more generic office digital signage with the fact that the content is more targeted and the KPIs need to stay visible at all times.


The most common feature in team display is what we call a Multiview:

There is content from multiple sources visible at ones 

- You can choose to use various apps simultanously

Multiview uses different content areas on your digital signage screens.


In advanced platforms such as Valotalive it is also possible to combine multiview apps with single view apps.




The benefits of a team Display 



The benefits of such (or similar) team display setup are:

  • It will help hit the team targets as the KPIs are visible at all times

  • While KPIs might be more static to watch, rotating Intranet & social media updates with animations provide some movement and give a more dynamic flavour to the display

  • This is a zero touch display that does not require any manual operation (posting) once it has been set.

  • There's not too much content for the viewer to get confused

  • All the content will update automatically as the sources update - manual posting is also possible as an option


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