Measuring Employee Engagement is Now a Workplace Imperative

June 11, 2019


"The single greatest advantage in the modern economy is a happy and engaged workforce" - Shawn Achor, author


Employee engagement has a direct link with bottom line results


Employee satisfaction is highly linked with organizational success. Multiple research show that higher employee satisfaction can lead to:


  1. Higher Productivity - up to 12%

  2. More Creativity and Collaboration

  3. Lower turnover


An HBR study from already back in 2011 declared that happiness can raise sales by 37%. Author Shawn Achor has stated that “the single greatest advantage in the modern economy is a happy and engaged workforce”.


What you measure is what you get




The question is, can companies do something to raise the satisfaction of an employee? Apparently they can, as measuring employee engagement has become a leading principle and an imperative, for many successful businesses.


Smart companies have started to track employee engagement and overall well-being in various ways. Inc. Magazine recently wrote about a tech company that has become obsessed with employee happiness.


Traditional annual employee surveys are now being displaced by real-time measures and insights that integrate into other daily tools.


Employee Engagement software


One of the popular tools to measure and improve engagement is an Employee Engagement software called Officevibe. Officevibe is a Canadian company with a motto “Everyone should be happy at work”.


Officevibe’s customers range from Startups to Fortune 100 companies. Global giants such as HP, Sony and Apple are using the Officevibe.


Officevibe is an easy to use tool to measure employee satisfaction, receive insights and feedback to improve engagement.


How to get started? Officevibe provides a free version for small teams.


Go transparent - make your data visible to everyone




Where Officevibe provides great reports and insights for team leaders and management, Valotalive can help you make that data transparent for everyone.






“Valotalive helps you bring the best out of your workforce with a culture of openness, transparency and trust,'' - Guillaume Roy, COO Officevibe

Companies can make Officevibe employee engagement data visible to everyone with Valotalive's digital signage app to drive transparency and engagement throughout the office.


Futurice is an example of a company that chose to show live employee engagement data to all employees and have received great feedback of doing so.


How to get started? Officevibe users can sign up to Valotalive and activate the app within minutes.
If you need a mediaplayer to connect to your display, you can contact us to have one delivered to your office.


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