Workplace Communication Best Practices for Digital Signage

August 2, 2019



Over the years we have seen how Internal Communication professionals use Workplace Digital Signage in companies from US to India and everything in between. 


These communication professionals all seem to have some things in common that they do to make them successful with Digital Signage. 


We have collected a list of Workplace Communication best practices for Digital Signage that can help make you successful. So keep reading to find out more.


IC as the owner


We have seen great results when Internal Communication or HR teams truly take ownership of Workplace Digital Signage (and align the communication channels). 


IT can help in idea generation for the new channel, setting up the Digital Signage solution and making sure everything is in place for the first roll out.


In the long run it usually is IC (or similar function) that is the owner of the content, concept development and employee engagement.


A best practice is to find someone running the Internal Communication to be the owner of the Workplace Digital Signage network.



Align the Communication Channels


Using Digital Signage in the mix of digital internal communication channels (intranet, email, team messaging and others will help with the following:

  • Increase the reach of communication

  • Amplify other channels - increase the ROI of comms

  • Increase data driven communication and drive transparency  i.e using integrated dashboards (Health & Safety, Sales KPIs, Production KPIs…)

It is a best practice to use the content on Digital Signage that has already been generated and used in internal communication i.e Intranet, Social Media, Business Analytics etc. 


Integrating digital signage with other communication processes is a winning best practice. You can read more about Workplace Digital Signage Content Strategy here.




Measure and ask for feedback



It is important for the IC to know how the target audiences experience Digital Signage as a communication channel. 


To understand how Digital Signage is fulfilling its role and how this channel has been adopted, feedback from the target audiences is required. 


One of the less known best practice is to arrange periodical walkthrough audits, a few times per year, to observe how people react to the displays: 

  • How do they pay attention? 

  • What seems to be the effect? 

  • What are their instant comments?

You can complement this information with feedback surveys:

  • Include Digital Signage in your yearly IC surveys

  • Promote Digital Signage online survey on the displays with a clear call to action



Improve the concept



The secret of those companies that have had long term success with workplace digital signage is to gradually improve the concept over time.


They learn from the previous success and improve where there is room. They adapt new applications that are available and target communication in new ways.


We have prepared a simple checklist that you can use to check where you can improve your workplace digital signage concept. Read more about Digital Signage Checklist here.






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